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Paul Golding

Slip indicator in some freeware panels....

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Guest saturno_v

Hello FolksI have a simple question about the slip indicator in some freeware airplanes.First of all I do not have the autorudder setting "on" (I use the rudder pedals!!!)For example, in Eric Marciano's A320 panel I cannot find such instrument.It should be inside the HSI gauge, e rectangular shape at the base of the arrow pointing up at the center-up of the instrument that should go "out of alignment" with such arrow in case of non coordinated turns.Well nothing happens even when I 'slam" on the pedals on purpose and the plane turn its nose...the indicator is always aligned.My Yaw Damper is set to "off"Same thing in Kirk Olsson's F-16 (I believe the panel is by Eric Marciano as well).I cannot find the slip indicator on the HUD and not even in the little backup artificial horizon.I cannot even find the turn degrees numbers on the HUD..I have to rely on the above mentioned little backup analog indicator for that.Same thing, again, on Lonny Payne B-757/767 panel.Below the HSI you can see the little black ball but it doesn't move at all when I turn and I use the pedals...it seems like a simple bitmap. (even here I set the Yaw Damper to "off")Someone knows why this happens?? It is my mistake???The slip indicator is a very basic gauge (it is included in all FS2004 default) and it is hard to believe that this well experienced panel designers forgot to include this in their panels....but again, maybe I'm doing something wrong...Thanks in advance for your answers!!!Regards

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