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Another Ortho4XP Question

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I'm new to X-Plane but a long time P3D user and have been loving it - ESPECIALLY once I learned how to make Ortho4XP tiles combined with US West Real Life etc.

So awesome, so realistic!

But a big problem - oftentimes I can't even get the sim to stay loaded.

I make my selection of airport, say KSEA, the sim will do asynchronous loading etc. then I see the plane and scenery but there is a truly massive struggle with very low FPS and hard drive whirring, sometimes for minutes, while (I suspect) all neighboring tiles load up.

Except they often never do - the sim crashes and gives the opportunity to send a crash report.

I've attached a copy (but changed the extension to .txt).

I'm considering a new video card (current is GTX 960, 4GB VRAM, processor is i76700 4.0 Ghz) - but want to make sure that before spending $350 for a new 1070 that this will actually fix the crashes and massive loading times (loading in air between tiles is awful).

I strongly suspect that overdoing it on VRAM is my issue as without Ortho4XP all is wonderful - but maybe this crash report explains that somehow?

I hear of others with Ortho4XP tiles and 4GB of VRAM and "no issues" - but I don't have issues either if all I'm loading is single tile.

I'd love it if the sim could load fewer tiles at once - or something (yes, I have the .cfg fix to remove extended DSFs - didn't fix the issue it seems).

Thanks for your help,




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