Dear Alabeo, from a guy with real Tripe time

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Dear Alabeo (if you should read this)

I just purchased the PA22 V1.1. It's a great representation of the aircraft but as a real world pilot with time in a "Tripe" I have a few suggestions for future updates.

1st is the flight model characteristics - when you retard the throttle in the real AC, it will sink like a rock. It makes for steeper approaches because of that clipped (shorter) Piper wing!  Your model floats like a glider. Lion Heart's version of the Pacers do a much better job at modeling this so you can certainly tweak the .air file.
2nd is the lack of avionics master switches. What's with you guys not putting those in your models? MOST old planes, even classics today that have a modern avionics bus (for powering their GNS430 that you're fond of putting in your planes) have an avionics master. In real life, the avionics master provides protection to expensive avionics during start up and shutdown. That item is not on the checklist for nothing. A guy who invests half of his plane's worth into a fancy WAAS GPS wouldn't dream of not having an avionics master. Sim pilots might like to know you can own a real Tri Pacer for about the same price is an average new car but the GPS can run over $7,000. Been there. .

Last is just a little detail. It's customary to make the transponder light flicker. Yours is dead when in ALT mode. Even default MSFS got this right.

Now maybe I'm just being picky for a $25 model. Lately I feel that a lot of errors keep slipping through the cracks and as your loyal customers, you deserve to know what we like and what we don't. Fortunately I like most of your products so I'll keep buying. I'm holding up my part of the deal. I hope you return the favor and add some of these simple fixes to a service update!   

You can do it Alabeo. I believe in you!  

~ A guy who flew some PPP (Paper Piper Products) back when it was still cool.

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