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  1. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    I believe the issue has finally been resolved. I ended up disputing the extra charges with my credit card company and that got Carenado's attention. They issued a refund of the extra charges. However, to add insult to injury they accidentally deactivated the new aircraft in my account so I had to contact them again. They quickly reactivated the aircraft and sent me a brief message apologizing for the trouble. I think the above poster's solution is the best way to purchase Carenado aircraft in the future.
  2. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    Yes, they responded with a form letter saying "we'll look into it" but I haven't heard back in days. Meanwhile, the charges that were pending actually processed so now I have over $90 in charges and no refund has been offered. Maybe your experience has been different but mine has been a nightmare. I tried to contact their credit card vendor "transbank" but it's Italian and very difficult to contact them as well. The language barrier doesn't help but I've had very good experiences with other developers based in Europe. Most developers can be reached in a forum and have a conversation, like we are having here. Carenado only communicates with generic form letters. I'm not even sure they know what the problem is. There is a major flaw in their customer service that I am trying to expose so that others don't suffer the same fate. As I said, I will update when/if I get this situation resolved. Right now I say everyone is taking a leap of faith by buying a Carenado product.
  3. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    I hate to report that the charges DID in fact hit my account and I have had a terrible time getting a response from Carenado. They only respond with a short form letter saying that they'll look into the matter. They are ruining their reputation with me. My only recourse now is to report the charges to my credit card and let their fraud department handle it. Please let this be a lesson to anyone who deals with Carendao. Unlike other Flight Sim developers, they don't seem to have people out there you can contact directly. I have often had full conversations on forums with other developers who helped me when I had a problem. I like Carenado's aircraft but they need to make this right with their customers. Right now I feel totally screwed. I'll update if I have anything more to report. Happy Holidays everyone!
  4. deepblueskyy

    Carenado AC500 Repaints for download

    A little late to this thread but looking for repaints of the 500s and found this. The google drive links are all dead - does anyone know where to find Richard's awesome repaints posted above? Can't find them in the Avsim libraries. Thanks!
  5. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    I just checked my account and the charges have dropped off. This is good news but I don't understand why Carenado support didn't let me know and has had very sparse communication during this whole thing. I don't blame Carenado as I think the problem is with their credit card vendor. I do think they could do a better job of communicating through their support. I won't be making any more binge purchases during sales. It seems like it may be safer to spread them out so the individual charges are small. I wish everyone the best of luck.
  6. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    I'm still waiting as well. This has been a big time reminder that vendors like Carenado are located all over the world and have virtually no way to reach them other than email so if they make a mistake or commit fraud your only recourse may be to dispute the charges with your bank/credit card and hope for the best. I am still hopeful Carenado will make this right but I am now wary about making any large purchases from them at one time.
  7. deepblueskyy

    Warning! Credit Card Errors During Xmas Sale

    I still have an open ticket with Carenado support. As far as I can tell there aren't many ways to get in touch with someone. I have been a long time customer of Carenado and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt before I begin the process of disputing the charges with my bank. I hope they get it together before they tarnish their reputation in the sim community.
  8. My credit card was billed twice by Carenado and it said the transaction failed both times. My account shows no downloads for my purchase and the aircraft are still in the shopping cart. I am now out $90 USD and Carenado has not yet responded through their customer support. Beware if you're trying to purchase anything during the sale. There is clearly a bug they need to resolve.
  9. Dear Alabeo (if you should read this) I just purchased the PA22 V1.1. It's a great representation of the aircraft but as a real world pilot with time in a "Tripe" I have a few suggestions for future updates. 1st is the flight model characteristics - when you retard the throttle in the real AC, it will sink like a rock. It makes for steeper approaches because of that clipped (shorter) Piper wing! Your model floats like a glider. Lion Heart's version of the Pacers do a much better job at modeling this so you can certainly tweak the .air file. 2nd is the lack of avionics master switches. What's with you guys not putting those in your models? MOST old planes, even classics today that have a modern avionics bus (for powering their GNS430 that you're fond of putting in your planes) have an avionics master. In real life, the avionics master provides protection to expensive avionics during start up and shutdown. That item is not on the checklist for nothing. A guy who invests half of his plane's worth into a fancy WAAS GPS wouldn't dream of not having an avionics master. Sim pilots might like to know you can own a real Tri Pacer for about the same price is an average new car but the GPS can run over $7,000. Been there. . Last is just a little detail. It's customary to make the transponder light flicker. Yours is dead when in ALT mode. Even default MSFS got this right. Now maybe I'm just being picky for a $25 model. Lately I feel that a lot of errors keep slipping through the cracks and as your loyal customers, you deserve to know what we like and what we don't. Fortunately I like most of your products so I'll keep buying. I'm holding up my part of the deal. I hope you return the favor and add some of these simple fixes to a service update! You can do it Alabeo. I believe in you! ~ A guy who flew some PPP (Paper Piper Products) back when it was still cool.
  10. I was excited to see a V2 of the C337H but now I am disappointed. I found many issues with it in the first few minutes. 1) Nav and landing lights have colored boxes around them as you pan around the AC. Not the black box of a missing texture but the actual color of the light. 2) GPS 530 has no click areas for pop up, you have to hit Shift+1 3) The Engine Set Up window (Shift + 5) can't be closed hitting the X in the upper left corner. 4) They decided to go with model-based lighting which excludes those who use Shockwave lights. Carenado's lights aren't particularly realistic but at least I could replace them in previous version. The beacon looks like a cartoon. I'll keep flying and report any other flaws that I may find. I still love Carenado but their beta testers dropped the ball.
  11. I am appalled by the amount of Carenado and Alabeo A/C that have no avionics master switches. If you start cold and dark then you have to use keyboard short cuts. In my case, I added a generic default avionics master to a pop up window. This is a silly way to fix a $40+ payware aircraft like a Phenom 100. I sent them a message about it and they just gave me a generic answer like they've never heard of an avionic master switch and it wasn't an important enough to issue updates. Do you suppose they have any real pilots consulting? What a shame.
  12. deepblueskyy

    RealAir 172 .cfg with Carenado

    Hi Nicolás and others: Sorry to chime in so late but I just found this post. I am a real world pilot with hundreds of hours in 172N, 172R and 172SP models. I love Carenado aircraft but the 172N has never flown anywhere close to a real aircraft. I tried using the FS9 RealAir 172 .air file. It works perfectly even though I am using it on an FSX plane. What an improvement! The plane not only slips and spins more like a real 172, it also stays in trim much more realistically. I was able to do steep turns more accurately than ever before in a sim. I still can't do accelerated stalls very easily but this may be a limitation in the sim. It flies straight and level more accurately which made instrument flight a lot nicer in the sim. Before (with Carenado) the plane was real twitchy when trying to trim for straight and level. A real 172 isn't very hard to keep it where you want it even if you turn and change attitude, it will go back to it's trimmed state. Another thing is V-speeds are more accurate. Carenado wants to approach at 55 which is great for short field but try keeping 65 and you'll be adding power to drag it in. Now you can fly a proper stabilized approach at 60-65 and not have a bunch of float in the flare. So YES, a ringing endorsement for others to try this! I must also endorse Bernt Stolle's files for other Carenado planes. He really has made some great improvements. This is nothing negative on Carenado, as they are by far my favorite payware planes. ~S