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  1. Hi: Last night I installed this version of SuperSky. But when the FS9 tries to start, this warning appears: After uninstall sweetFX, FS9 backs to work correctly. So I suspect it could be something related with SweetFX. I have Win7 64bit. As this version of Supersky seems dedicated to win10, could it be the reason? Maybe this d3d9.dll is only compatible for Win10?
  2. The scenery is outstanding. But, in my humble opinion, it's even bigger that.... GEORENDER IS BACK!!!! I discovered the world of bush flying through your Georender series for FS2002 and FS2004. Richard, I'm sure I am not the only one who have miss you a lot. Your work have been a source of inspiration for a huge number of amateur and professional FS developers. I'm so glad you're back again.
  3. Hi As the title says, I'm searching information about the operations of this cargo company. I really like to simulate flights with its caravans from KPDX and PANC. In the last few days I've been gathering information about their routes in websites like flightaware and similars. But I'm wondering if any member of the forum could share information about how to operate them for this company. Things like: if there is any priority when you have to choose a RWY to land in an airport like KPDX to avoid long taxi runs, fuel management rules, weights, etc. I understand that most of these rules will be restricted to members of the company, but maybe could share some of them. Or at least share their experience. Anything to improve our flights in the sim. Best regards.
  4. Thank you so much for such a detailed post. It's a pleasure when the pro's sharing all this info in the forum. Now, I can complete even farther my procedures and checklists with this all useful information. Best regards.
  5. It was the first website I visited to get information 😉 But, if you check those documents, they only explain the systems but not the procedures. Anyway, very useful for understanding those systems. As this is a question related to a non-Aerosoft product, I preferred don't bother the admin of their forum exposing my question there. Thank you very much for your input, that was I was looking for. Once I understood the function of this system I suspected that It's mandatory to activate it since the engines run up to obtain the pressure for the reverses and the anti-ice. But it called my attention that several checklists I found online didn't mention it. I appreciate your input. Thank you for confirm the info. I hope it doesn't bother you if I ask another question related to this topic: in your companies, during the takeoff and landing, the APU keeps running using their bleed instead of open the 10th stage? As I said in my first post I've seen different ways for this procedure: APU off + 10th open (using the engines directly) or APU on + 10th closed until acceleration altitude ... or maybe it's something that depends on the weather/payload? Best regards
  6. Hi I'm not sure if this subforum is the best for this kind of question, so, if admin consider, please move it to another one more suitable for it. My doubt is about the 14th stage bleed air of CRJ 200. I know most of the CRJ200 in the market don't simulate this system, but I'm curious about how to handle it. As far as I've discovered, this system supplies high pressure, from the engine compressors 14th stage, to other systems like anti-ice, cowl anti-ice and reversers and it seems operative mostly of the time. But, I haven't found when it is necessary to turn it on (or turn it off): Before the take off (for the reversers in case of reject the takeoff)? Maybe at the acceleration altitude (1000ft)? All the checklists I've found online don't mention anything about this system. Some addons in the market simulate the low pressure system (the 10th stage) but there are several versions about how to manage it. Some start it directly in the platform, others recommend to use the internal APU until the acceleration altitude and there, start it. But nothing about the high pressure system. I'll appreciate any clarification about this point. Best regard
  7. Hi This mod really looks great. Let me ask you: Is it compatible with the FS9 version of C90? Regards
  8. Hi: I'm still using ASE but I want to ask you if these programs offer a worthy alternative to it. I'm fine with ASE, particularly I find very useful how check your flightplan and give you details of the weather in each waypoint and the avegare speed and direction winds, but I'm curious if there is any alternative to it. Regards
  9. Hello again: I come back to this post because I want to update the info about this problem: it'd finally solved with the last version of reshade (4.5.2). Right now the kneeboard and all the briefing of the flights work correctly. I hope this helps in the future to anyone who suffer the same problem. Regards .
  10. @fppilot Thank you for detailing all the steps. I sincerely apreciate. Until now I had checked fltplan.com looking for charts (particularly canadian airports) and I didn't know they offer this kind of features too. Very interesting. I'll check it out with attention.
  11. @fppilot: Thank you very much for sharing your table. Let me ask you: when you are gathering all this information, do you use the default payload (full load)? My intention is using this plane in FSEconomy so I will have a random payload each flight. @FDEdev I have found this POH on Scribd.com. As appears in the cover, it was published in 1994 and updated in 2000. You can find the example I mentioned in the first post inside Section V, where there is a complete tutorial about how calculate the fuel and the performance using "a proposed flight from Billing to Denver" detalling all the steps (TO, climb, cruise, etc). It's very informative, except that point about average cruise weight.
  12. Hi Maybe someone can clarify this doubt I have when I try to understand how calculate the fuel for this plane. I'm following the example which appears in the chapter about the performance in the real POH. My doubts appear In the "True Airspeed for Cruise" section, where they calculate the True Cruise Airspeed. For this calculate, they claim "The estimate average cruise weight is approximately 9150 lbs (4150kg)". My problem is I haven't found where come from this figure, how calculate the "average cruise weight". Something similar happens when they calculate the reseve fuel: "this example assumes the average cruise weight while using Reserve Fuel to be 8600lbs". So, my question is: how calculate these average weights? Maybe it's something very basic, but right now I totally lost. Thank you in advance. Regards.
  13. Hi I'm thinking about to buy the combo GNS 530+430. After spent some searching info about the two options (RealityXP and Mindstar) I have doubts which one could be the best option. Both options offers great features, but the greatest difference, as far I've seen, its the AIRAC data: Mindstar offers its own product (realNav) $39.95 RealityXP offers an very old one and, as I've checked in their support forum, it's really complicate update it (even with legal problems). Mindstar it's more expensive, but, in my humble opinion, I think it's worth it thanks to offer this updated service. But, call my attention a lot users still prefer RealityXP. Maybe because was the first one in the market? o maybe I'm losing other important facts (compatibility problems, etc)? My intention it's using it in FS9 with addons like: Aeroworx B200 Digital Aviation Cheyenne Several addons of Carenado (C90, C208, c206, 185, etc..) I would like to read other opinions before take a decision which one buy. They're very expensive addons Thank you
  14. Hi After checking several addons and configurations, It seems finally I've discovered the cause of this problem: ReShade. If I disable the file "d3d9.dll", the kneeboard works correctly. It strange because with ENB, similar program, it didn't happend nothing like this. Could it be the reason the way how Reshade manage windows/panels inside FS9? I don't know... First I'm going to ask other users of Reshade if they are suffering the same problem. Anyway, thank to all for your time. Regards
  15. Sincerely I don't know if there is a connection between FS9 and iexplorer. My comentary is based I've found several post in the forum (not only the link I mentioned in my first post) and in flightsim.com talking about several compatibility problems between FS9 and all the iexplorers publised after IE8. As I've said my main browser is Firefox. When I open kneeboard_keys.htm, it's loaded by Firefox without any problem. Anyway, as I said too in the previous post, I've tested the kneeboard in other copy of FS9, which I have as backup without any addon, and its works correctly. So I think the problem must be caused by some of the addons I have installed. It's a pain because I think the only solution I have its reinstall again each addon in this backup copy and check what kind of modifications they make inside the sim. Regards
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