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  1. Zeus67

    3rd party aircraft for Prepar3D v2 ?

    I think you should ask an individual developer if they are going to port their aircraft to Prepar3D. I think A2A is thinking to do that with their C172.
  2. Zeus67

    Prepar3d and FSX - Same machine?

    I have both FSX and Prepar3D in the same machine without any issue. Of course, it is different if you try to use both at the same time in the same computer.
  3. Then the problem is with the converted file. Why don't you try this. Load the original file in FSX, make a minor adjustment. Just select the destination airport again. It should let you save it and overwrite the original flight plan. The new file should be saved in the FSX xml schema and thus compatible with P3D.
  4. Can you read the converted files with FSX? Could be a bug in the software.
  5. Zeus67

    installing fsx addons: fool-proof guide

    Sorry, but I think the easiest way is to install them in a dummy folder and later manually move the files and folders into the Prepar3D folder and edit the dll.xml and exe.xml files as needed.I know some developers have provided exclusive P3D installers or apps to move their products from FSX to P3D.