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  1. padolamap


    There configurations within reshade that if it produces a knock on the fps, to determine which recommend going activating a time, for example Gaussian effect has a strong impact not only so those who modify or alter colors
  2. Super should try and take your virtual resolution 2560x1440 screen that will replace the lack of filters
  3. padolamap

    Short videos in P3D

    which I used several times was the ACTION
  4. padolamap

    Enb in v3

    ENB is only for DX9 and DX11 P3D is
  5. padolamap

    P3DV3.1 Not Detecting CH Products

    I use the pedals and CH yoke and I have no problem, you may need the controlled chispset then updated your motherboard is who takes or not USB
  6. padolamap

    Animated Waves in V3

    this is not the same company that made the ocean in p3d
  7. padolamap

    There's no altitude sensation in P3D/FSX

    to achieve the effect of altitude must limit visibility, udted vera which is best likes and altitude range of visibility
  8. padolamap

    There's no altitude sensation in P3D/FSX

    Reshade existe dentro de un proceso que simula bastante bien que el azul altura GemFX está dentro del archivo y llama ambient_light
  9. padolamap

    Very poor FPS

    try to reduce the level of tessellation at least the simulator controls
  10. padolamap

    Jon Venema says P3Dv3 more like a 2.6

    I now prefer a free version 2.6 to solve the big problems and wait quiet a version 3.0 if you have a strong and profound change
  11. padolamap

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Already in June the people of P3D spoke of a version 3 and version 4 to a
  12. padolamap

    Consultation on HDR

    thanks michaelray
  13. padolamap

    Consultation on HDR

    Someone can tell me what parameters must be modified to reduce the difference in brightness when you look toward heaven or earth when HDR is enabled. From already thank you very much
  14. The reshade just do nothing, you select what type of modification you want to make and make changes in the values it brings to each application according to the result you want to obtain, the master effect brings nothing default but if you select each item untouched its variables will see what effect
  15. further extend the range of curves to put the darkest screen and play LIFTGAMMAGAIN values, especially the values of GAMMA and the GAIN lower percentage as these will put very bright white and saturate, for the part GAMMA increases fear and sees sinh choosing which color to enhance it or decrease it. let my settings