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  1. For the life of me I cannot get the 750 to couple w/ the FlyJsim 727 v2. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. I have changed settings w/in the unit, removed other plugins,re-installed acrft, I am at a loss, Any ideas would be appreciated, some clues to where to look..anything lol. Have you had other people w/ this problem, FJS has or will not reply I guess since I still use XP10.5
  2. LOL, hey, I sometimes take a while to learn something but watch out when I do I usually get better then most, or so I think lol. Take care😃
  3. As stated, your comment gave me the clue, as for my installation of XP10, I used administrator rights and never experienced any issues to date. To correct go to main X-Plane folder to make the change. X-Plane.exe Right click X-Plane.exe to pull up properties Click Security then change settings under "Group or user names" to "SYSTEM" which will remove special permissions "administrator rights" option (which were applied previous installation) Simply click "Apply" then click "OK" Verify that the check marks are missing next to "Full control" and "Special permissions" at the bottom of the list. As for the typo, when noticed during my initial installation I did use both "checklist.gtn" and "checklitst.gtn" as noted in the manual, I was not sure if this was in fact a typo not being a computer programmer. I ended up using "checklist.ace" for the file and all worked as designed after the change to security settings noted above. One thing I must point out, the user must not title the file placed into the acrft folder eg. B1900.ace as I did, it must read as manual states "checklist.gtns or .ace" for the unit to work. All in all, after almost 20 years at this I did not think it was your product, ( I only had 1 product years ago which never did work for reasons the developer and I could never figure out), I just could not understand where my install went wrong. I always assume it is me that is in error not the developers.😀
  4. Good news NO GREAT NEWS I solved it. Got to thinking about XPLane and wondered what could be wrong or different w/ my copy, I loaded XP w/ Administrator Rights originally and I changed that to System this evening. I also changed the name from gtn to ace on the file. In any case no matter which did it, I have a checklist, even the one I made. When you wrote about the user account read access, that is what triggered the thought. Thank you for all your help, hope this will maybe help you.
  5. When you can plz tell me where to locate the rxpGtnSim.dll.log file. Can't find it. Thanks
  6. I did notice this yesterday and wondered which I should use, in the Checklists section in manual page 8 notice where in BOLD type it reads checklitst.gtn instead of Checklist.gtn I used the correct spelling of checklist with all we have done. I will look at those noted above later today or tomorrow and let you know if anything happens. Thank you🙂
  7. It was a good thought but it was not successful. Side note the XP version of this plane is not bad. I have never used it. I have the "other one" with all the bells and whistles. If you wish to continue to explore this issue over the coming days or weeks (lol) send me a note with any new ideas to try, I would love to solve the problem. Has anyone else reported a similar issue.
  8. Everything that you described w/in your response is exactly as I have it in XPlane. It does not work. The GTN w/in the utilities menu does not show a checklist menu at all and nothing like the picture in the manual page 8. Everything I just did according to your instructions I have been doing since yesterday and I am happy in that respect. Maybe there is something w/in the Carenado acrft but I doubt it. I don't know where to go from here, it would be nice to have the additional function, but we tried. If you can think of anything else plz advise. Thank you for all your time
  9. Okay I have had a little time here, unzipped the files from common Gtn Trainer checklists.zip and the instructions say to extract the sample ".ace" checklists files *so I choose the "Cessna" folder and located inside are various chklst. Now the instructions say to rename the FILE to checklist.gtn. I take that to mean for example, 172.ace and rename it to checklist.gtn Now after this is completed drag and drop the checklist.gtn into the acrft of choice as I am assuming the Aircraft folder does not mean the Xplane acrft folder but an acrft w/in that folder eg Coranado B1900. With regards to the other things located w/in that zip file: Garmin Trainer is-6FIUK,tmp is-ACIJI,tmp is-E2LM5,tmp is-MGAS tmp are these things to be placed anywhere? or have I missed this entirely
  10. Since I don't seem to understand the full path and file name could you give me an example as to what you are looking for, it would speed things up. Thank you
  11. D:\XPlane 10.51\Aircraft\Carenado Aircraft\Carenado B1900D_v3.2 Is this okay
  12. I cut and paste file into the carenado B1900 acrft folder last night and again just now and no luck.
  13. I used the Garmin chklst editor and have a checklist I understand what you are saying but my questions were not answered. a) I have no menu file named checklist in the Utilities Menu of the GTN 750 b) I have no file called checklist.gtn and have tried to make one for the acrft of choice as there is not one located anywhere that I can find. c) I have a file checklist.ace which I developed w/ the checklist editor and understand how to use the editor d) I did read the footnotes I do not understand how all this is placed into the acrft of choice and into the RXP checklist.gtn file or whatever I am not that familiar w/ data entries and usually can w/ time figure it out, but this one has me confused. I have read the manual watched videos w/ no luck, so I have spent time trying to figure this all out. It would be nice if the instructions had a little more detail. I watched the video on using the editor, and without that I would have never figured it out. I was born in the last half century and my education does not support all the machines of today.🙂
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