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purchase problems

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I dont know where else to turn. I filled my cart with over two hundred pounds worth of goods starting with Global. When it came to check out, I was informed that my almost brand new master card was not acceptable for this transaction. No explanation was given.

The problem is that no email address is given for Orbx. In fact they say that they will not  transact by email. How is one supposed to contact them apart from the forum [ should be fora]

Then, after I had given up hope, the download for Global appeared on my computer, so I downloaded it. I wont know if ive paid for it or not until I get my bank statement. It did cross my mind that this was a way to avoid giving the forty seven per cent discount, but I cannot think that Orbix would be so petty.

Later, as a test, I tried to buy England on its own, but that was rejected, I have subsequently used my credit card with no trouble. I understand that Orbx cannot speak with all their thousands of customers, but this is not really a subject for a forum, it is a problem between a shop and a customer.

Orbx do promise to answer all problems so I can only keep my fingers crossed.

This was all happening on my eighty second birthday,

Regards, Peter Wilson, aka scrub

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The ORBX forum on the ORBX site???  There is a specific support section in it...

Edit: also strange how you mention it's not a problem for a forum and yet you are here posting for help in a forum not really related to the store, as this is just unofficial)

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Whenever i had a problem with my purchases of ORBX products, i just went to their forum and reported it there. Everytime their support on the forum was swift and on the dot. One of the moderators usually sent me a PM, this then helped me to communicate with one of their helpful guys directly. Give it a try, it worked for my so why should it not work for you :happy:

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