Autogen Distance, can someone explain...

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the difference between the following:

1) AUTOGEN_DRAW_DISTANCE (also in the menu settings)

2) LOD_Radius


I have seen videos where the autogen goes out very far (even to the horizon). I am just trying to figure out which of these three parameters makes that possible. Thanks for any help with this.

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1) The radius in which autogen is generated

2) This is how more or less detail is displayed depending on distance (e.g. texture detail on objects and so on)

3) texture size exponent, each increase doubles the texture size (here I'm not sure if it's just ground textures or every texture). Basically that means if at an exponent 'x' a texture of size 's' is used, with exponent 'x+1' a texture of size '2*s' is used (thus quadrupling the vram consumption). So going from 8 to 10 gives you 4 times the texture size for 16 times the vram used. So even if a far distant texture would normally become blurry because of the LOD, it will stay sharp because it is 4x as big to begin with.

For autogen 1) is important, you would have to set LOD really low to for example see blurry texture on autogen houses, as the autogen objects are quite small and far out it's mostly the difference if they are there or not at all.

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