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Fun from defining the fuel controls in P3D4 and FSUIPC5

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Maybe this can save someone some pain in the future.  Or, at least, give someone a good laugh at my expense.   When I installed P3D4 and had no add-on aircraft and no FSUIPC5 I defined all of the controls from the P3D Controls menu, obviously.  When I installed the 777 and FSUIPC5 I removed all of the P3D4 control definitions, but forgot the fuel control switches.  That resulted in a journey covering about four hours over two days trying to figure out why the engines sometimes weren't responding to the throttles.

I could start the engines normally but, when I advanced the throttles, they moved on the screen and the throttle position indication moved on the EICAS, but the engines wouldn't spool up.  I also saw that the engine bleed air valves weren't opening.  When I loaded the Default panel, sometimes everything worked fine but usually the engines shut off after initialization with ENG FAIL L and ENG FAIL R displayed.  

To isolate the problem I disabled FSUIPC and defined the throttles in P3D4 again.  The engines worked correctly.  I then re-enabled FSUIPC5 but only enabled the axis controls.  The engines still worked.  I added the button section and the engines didn't work.  So I began adding the button definitions to FSUIPC one set at a time until I found that the fuel controls (EVT_CONTROL_STAND_ENG1_START_LEVER 70152 & EVT_CONTROL_STAND_ENG2_START_LEVER 70153) caused the  odd behavior.   At that point dawn broke over the rocks and I realized that the fuel controls in P3D4 were still active (I'm not at my sim PC and I don't remember the exact control name).  I deleted the P3D4 definitions and Bob's your uncle (or voila) (or firm palm slap to the forehead) the engines worked properly.  

On the plus side, I spent a lot of time watching the Air synoptic screen during engine startup, and it was interesting and informative to see the isolation valves opening and closing to route the APU bleed air to the engine start valve, and then switching the flow for the other engine start, finally opening the engine bleeds after APU shutdown.  I'm also glad that I didn't open a ticket for this.

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