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Seems like a year for new sims. FSW, Laminar, LM, and Flyinside.

It's PMDG's decision to decide which to go, or not go, with? They are all 64 bit, some are capable of multi core usage.  New head mounted displays are coming soon! But VR is the future IMHO.

It's possible a new age of flight sims are coming to us free of VAS problems etc. Of course some will make it a bit harder for developers like PMDG to integrate their aircraft. Flyinside's new upcoming simulator should not be confused with what they have now, it's a whole NEW sim! Not sure of any discussions between PMDG and other sim developers however, I am able to use PMDG products well enough to make flights and find the immersion factor astounding. Like Capt. Robert, Dan Church is a real gentleman and is actually reachable on a personal basis. On day 1 the FI sim will use FSX base aircraft, "much improved I read", 64 bit, multi core, Vulkan engine based. It sounds good to me so far. The approach and landing in FI VR blows my mind, feels so real!!!

Good luck

Denis Bolduc



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