FlyJsim Q400 XP 11 Issues

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I am having some issues with the FMS and Auto Pilot...


I figured out how to set the NAV Source Selector as FMS.  That should be correct.  However when I press NAV to start tracking the FMS (AP is enguaged)

Also as I was attempting to engage ALT tracking for example, I did her a tone when I pressed ALT, not sure what that means.  When you press NAV for the FMS, HDG to track Heading, etc, I am not seeing anything illuminated to confirm that I have that I have engaged these AP functions correctly.

I have flown different planes in FSX like Flight One's ATR, and don't remember having issues, once I found out what to do to engage the FMS. The AP is the only indicator with the < and > arrows  where I see a illuminated light indicating it is engaged...


Please advise...At this point, I need cookbook instructions including all steps to set the initial departure to track heading and altitude, then engage the FMS tracking for the Flight Plan.

Also I can't switch on the AP via a mouse click.  It is like even though the mouse cursor changes to a finger, It will not turn on the AP. Same for YD.  I Am assuming the same is the case for the Nav switch as it is not engaging the FMS.  I am able tot urn on  the AP via my Go Flight GF P8 panel. Although other AP functions don't work via the GF-P8.  Maybe this isn't the latest version.  How do I determine which version I have?

Thanks again for the help!








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