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Simmers fighting in the Forums...

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Once you spend some time in the forums here you get to know who are "creditable" and who are full of it, LOL. Those of us that have been here awhile are used to these people and occasionally get in a thread with them where we become more vocal than we should. For the most part AVSIM do a good job of keeping the peace and I usually agree with Ken, John and Tom.This is a world wide foruum and we are all coming from different environments/backgrounds, so it's to be expected to have disagreements.One of the things I enjoy most about AVSIM is that people do have opinions and a conversation can happen instead of just a bunch of yes men.Regards, MichaelKDFWhttp://www.calvirair.com/mcpics/mcdcvabanner.jpgCalVirAir International

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