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  1. 1mikel151

    Battle of Stalingrad

    Great images!!!
  2. It's not a good idea as most of the warehouse meshes are too high poly for FSX use with to many textures (drawcalls). Your goal should be around 5k of polys with no more than 2 textures, one would be ideal. If for personal use, then if the file is in collada format, use modelconverterX (fsdeveloper) to turn it into an MDL. If the file is still in sketchup format, d/l sketchup pro trial and then load it up and export as another format, or use sketchup basic and export to collada again.
  3. 1mikel151

    Support or Piracy?

    I tend to agree with the OP also. If the vendor has a closed forum, it should probably be that way elsewhere also. Problem is, most legit users don't care about piracy, they only care about their own inconvenience with any attempt to protect a vendors work.
  4. 1mikel151

    Chopper over New York

    Wow, that is impressive.
  5. 1mikel151

    I'm populating the P3D seas.....with MyCaptain...

    Interesting that really didn't seem to take off since it has been around since 2012, probably due to being bundled with MyTraffic. Can you define paths and add your own ship traffic Mitch? here is the forum BTW http://forum.simflight.com/forum/153-mycaptain/
  6. 1mikel151

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    Nicely done Devon!!! You wouldn't know it's not a full fledged flight sim by looking at your video. I was really impressed with the coastline during the glider footage, very well done for procedural shaders.
  7. 1mikel151

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    I doubt many are building anything, more like grabbing complex models off of websites and plopping them into Outerra, LOL.. That stadium does look pretty cool though. I agree though, would be nice to have a proper tool for adding and placing objects. As for proper airports, that is all great and good, but without proper aircraft and flight dynamics, it seems kinda pointless.
  8. 1mikel151

    Cera Sim UH-60L Released

    You were misinformed. I am running FSX with SP2 and acceleration, works fine
  9. 1mikel151

    Pilatus PC12 (In development)

    Thanks for your input. I value your POV more over what the systems nitpickers that always bemoan carenado have to say.
  10. 1mikel151

    A Plea to Carenado/Alabeo

    You forgot "IMNSHO" which is the case since you have no actual data to base your tactless statement on.. :rolleyes: I am with the OP, they need to go back to what they do right and stick to it. I wish they would do a turbo beaver, with their graphics, it would be a joy to fly.for me.
  11. They usually don't work as they should, mainly due to the object libraries being part of the region or shared textures from the region it's in.. You can always try them, but they were meant to be used with the FTX products.
  12. 1mikel151

    Going Through a Heli Phase

    Nice shots! helis are pretty much all I fly in FS. The Milviz/nemeth huey is my fav, with the cera Blackhawk second, then the Area51sim Kiowa is set as my default aircraft. I also like the nemeth AS355 and the Milviz Agusta 109. I am waiting for the Milviz MD530F and hope since it is a smaller bird it is easier on the frames than their other offerings.
  13. 1mikel151

    Traffic kills so much FPS

    Why would you ever use a Carenado or Alabeo aircraft as an AI one, they are way to detailed for that.
  14. 1mikel151

    Traffic kills so much FPS

    Turn off/limit traffic, use different AI models, lower other settings or upgrade your system are your only options. Keep in mind, everything you add to the sim affects performance.