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  1. I am interested in how is is also, mainly due to this one using the latest Rise of Flight game engine.
  2. Agreed, just put in with the edit options, "delete post"
  3. If it's possible to bring the FSX bell 206 into Flight I will have to reinstall ASAP Nice work guys!!
  4. Hi Dick this looks like a very useful tool. I just tried it out and unless I am missing something I can't seem to get any resolution better than 6 meters per pixel on any of the servers, any ideas? Is this just meant for lower res sat reference images for setting up runways and such in ADE or Sbuilder?
  5. Exactly, so bascially we are trusting the user to control what directory and files are being shared and they decide what is legal and what is not, yeah, we see how well that has worked on the internet, LOL. Sorry, I see people being dishonest more than not so I question anything that helps them be that way and lords knows there are tons of examples on the web of users using this very system to be very dishonest..
  6. Doesn't peer to peer make it incredibly easy to share whatever is installed in your FSX folder, including any payware? I am thankful for the new upload quota also, but i am also leery of the torrent link system as it has been proven time and time again that is is the most effective way to share illegal content.
  7. Agreed! that is the one feature i have been wanting for years. I wish we could design for Flight as i want to build all kinds of flightlines/places to explore, hopefully one day!
  8. nice to finally get a glimpse at what they have on their developing minds, better late than never, sheesh.. With a little more foresight, this could have been a great theme for "everyone" to enjoy, have VCs in all the aircraft and throw in some WWll type scenery, some CAP (combat air patrol) missions, etc......... While I am curious about the last aircraft, it probably won't have a VC either, so it really doesn't matter, bummer.
  9. LOL, no problem, just figured that the first ones to pop into my head where nemeth when I think of payware and I noticed you linked the A109 and the Huey to MilViz instead. Nice list and idea. really support you getting this forum back open, hope it sees some more traffic.
  10. Umm, you have something against the Nemeth bros Brandon??? Area 51 and virtavia also
  11. >The "cost of developement" is the one I can't get over.>>Obviously you need to purchase some 3dmax type of program, and>perhaps some image editing and sound editing programs.>>>To hear some people talking development consists of a nasa>sized room full of programmers.>>I think many people in the MSFS world view it like a cash cow.> It strikes me odd coming from the gaming and racing sim>community where people still mod for the love of the game or>sim.>>I believe developers should be fairly compensated for their>efforts, but I believe the O.P. has some merit. MSFS is a>commercialized cash cow for many dev's, and they get very>irate/defensive when you start talking about the underbelly of>the industry.>>You sound like you have never done an addon for a game or sim?Haven't been around much this past year because of development (free and commercial) for other communities/markets. The main reason some gaming/addon communities have those that develop for the love of the game or sim is that they haven't found a way to make a buck at it....yet, LOL. With the very limited market FS has, there is definitely some love of the sim to stick with a commercial project considering the length of time invested for most addons and the ROI, especially with FSX.If you have a problem with the cost of an addon, simply vote with your wallet. I worked on a CGI project for a group a few months back and the release price was really high IMO. Due to low sales, the group then lowered it and it took off, supply and demand at it's best, LOL. It's only a cash cow if people are willing to purchase your product.Developers get irrate when those with no understanding of what is involved start to criticize,.... makes sense.Regards, MichaelKDFWFSX only! Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI-x16 / AMD
  12. I'd love to get my GF into FSX, but she just isn't interested. She's pretty dang good at klicking some butt in Ghost Recon COOP or BF2 though, so I can't complain to much, LOL.Regards, MichaelKDFWNot anti FS9, just pro FSX! Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI-x16 / AMD
  13. >It's all in a holding pattern for SP1. If the patch gives>performance increases then you can see things pick up again.>Quality addons take awhile, up to a year is not uncommon now. Personally I would rather wait for a FSX specific model than an FSX compatible model.Check some of your fav FS9 addons, I have more than enougn none default addons to enjoy the sim with.Regards, MichaelKDFWNot anti FS9, just pro FSX! Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI-x16 / AMD
  14. yep, what I do is right click on the screen, check undock, then click it again and uncheck undock and they work again.Regards, MichaelKDFWNot anti FS9, just pro FSX! Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI-x16 / AMD
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