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  1. the only way to do this is to make sure you have a robust SDK for developers to put their stuff on and clear directions. i think one thing that has hold xplane back for so many years is that their SDK is not as good as people will like and they don't move as fast as possible to fix it and thats why few developers came abroad. please do not forget this as 3rd party development is crucial for OT success Couldn't agree more. Just focus on getting the base set, get core features added like weather and seasons and most important make sure there is enough performance headroom and with tools and documentation, the 3rd party devs will come. I have modded for games with little to no SDK/mod support and for ones with tons of support, either way usually the tools eventually show up for modding, but with the developers support it comes much faster. If you had a comprehensive object placement tool right now, I would have a ton of sceneries installed already, LOL.
  2. I am interested in how is is also, mainly due to this one using the latest Rise of Flight game engine.
  3. Actually you do need NA Gold USA Central Rocky Mountains to install KJAC as it's not a stand alone addon.
  4. I mostly use photoscenery so I want a mesh that is as detailed as possible to bring out the details in the sat imagery, I can fix any elevation issues.
  5. Yep, good mesh is a no brainer. FS Global 2010 is good, but seeing as the default isn't to bad, just go with the ultimate series since I believe it is the most detailed commercial mesh available. http://www.fly2pilots.com/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=13a73ca7-ca5a-4035-9a4d-23fff3874c8f
  6. I am not a fan after less than favorable experiences with earlier products, but I do hope all is well and it's not a serious, long lasting issue.
  7. Agreed, just put in with the edit options, "delete post"
  8. It is entirely possible he bought into all the hype from all the forums and did try it out and doesn't like it, There are two sides to everything,
  9. If it's possible to bring the FSX bell 206 into Flight I will have to reinstall ASAP Nice work guys!!
  10. Hi Dick this looks like a very useful tool. I just tried it out and unless I am missing something I can't seem to get any resolution better than 6 meters per pixel on any of the servers, any ideas? Is this just meant for lower res sat reference images for setting up runways and such in ADE or Sbuilder?
  11. It is and he has this attitude quite often in the forums which is why I don't purchase any of his designs any more. I also agree the OP could have been more civil, but if his other addon aircraft don't exhibit the same prop animation, then there is something to look at. In fairness, the developer is right that the default prop animation in FSX is like that AND tied into the FPS and pretty crappy, but knowing that he should adjust his animation to try and compensate for it, rather than giving excuses.
  12. hmm, addons I regret purchasing, let's see. Couple from Pacific Islands Simulation due to bad design method of not eliminating the shadows on the custom trees, looks really bad and turning off shadows isn't an option for me. German Airfields 1 island Hopping from Aerosoft, horrible performance and sparser 3D than the promo images showed. FranceVFR - Martinque + Guadeloupe Bundle since it was before i really knew much about photoreal scenery and found the resolution to be unacceptable. And FTX YSTW Tamworth Airport mainly because i had horrible performance with it when released, probably better now with updates but I rarely fly downunder anymore. Addon that gets the most use, Nemeth/Milviz Huey, love the VC.
  13. Exactly, so bascially we are trusting the user to control what directory and files are being shared and they decide what is legal and what is not, yeah, we see how well that has worked on the internet, LOL. Sorry, I see people being dishonest more than not so I question anything that helps them be that way and lords knows there are tons of examples on the web of users using this very system to be very dishonest..
  14. Doesn't peer to peer make it incredibly easy to share whatever is installed in your FSX folder, including any payware? I am thankful for the new upload quota also, but i am also leery of the torrent link system as it has been proven time and time again that is is the most effective way to share illegal content.
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