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  1. aviator1213

    gauge knob panel?

    I have Air Manager on my iPad. The display works very well on X-Plane, but in FSX the airspeed indicator constantly jumps between zero and the actual airspeed. And the knobs don’t work half of the time. Haven’t heard about Remote Flight. Does it work better than Air Manager?
  2. aviator1213

    gauge knob panel?

    Thanks - their u-ProPit panel is even closer to what I am looking for: http://www.vrinsightshop.com/shop/step1.php?number=11
  3. aviator1213

    gauge knob panel?

    Does any simulation hardware makers make a panel of gauge knobs besides FLYPFC.com (https://flypfc.com/shop/avionics/remote-instrument-console-ric/)? That is, a panel of knobs for adjustment of heading indicator, heading bug, 2 VORs, attitude indicator, altimeter, etc.
  4. aviator1213

    RXP GNS 530W/430W - update with Garmin NavData?

    So RealNavData.com probably isn't compatible.... What about Garmin's NavData here, anyone tried it? https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/511382
  5. Thank you, Jean-Luc! I was able to map all the Desktop Aviator Model 2670B buttons and knobs to keyboard shortcuts (set up in RXPGNS.INI) using FSUIPC4. (Couldn't figure out how SPAD.neXt works, so I uninstalled it.) Even CLR and ComFlip buttons work correctly when held! Initially some Model 2670B buttons seem to conflict with Saitek Cessna Yoke and Quadrant buttons, e.g. C/V inner knob was controlling the same functions as Quadrant's T3+T4 buttons. After deleting those Saitek button assignments (for all devices) in FSX settings, everything is working just like a real Garmin GNS 430! Now I can build muscle memory and fully master the GPS... Very happy
  6. Well, I have v2 on X-Plane, but I am still using v1 on FSX...where is the "Use GPS Commands" setting?
  7. I am trying to use RXP GNS430 v1 on FSX with SPAD.neXt. Don't know if this is possible; First time using SPAD.neXt (trial). I set Button 9 to run Event (Button pressed for a short time) + Action (Send GPS_ZOOMIN_BUTTON-Event (parameter value 0 or 1), but nothing happens. Perhaps the action is to control default GPS, which doesn't show up because it's replaced by RXP GNS430 v1. Any pointers? I am a novice at SPAD.neXt.
  8. Good to see this thread! I just installed Desktop Aviator's Model 2670 literally minutes ago to control the fantastic RXP GNS530 v2 panel. First of all, Model 2670 is priced well and works well! Although it simulates Garmin GNS430, the only button Garmin 530 has that 430 doesn't is VNAV, so you can use it to control GNS530 as expected except for that button, which I don't use anyway. If you use VNAV, you can still assign the POPUP button for that function. Here is the problem I hope Reality XP can solve: Desktop Aviator's Model 2670's CLR button works correctly (X-Plane 11 knows when it's pressed, held, and released - as evidenced when using the button in the settings menu), however the RXP GNS530 v2 panel doesn't respond as expected (will respond when pressed, but doesn't know it's held). In other words, I can't hold the CLR button to go back to Default Nav. This is a very frequently used function for me...I hope Jean-Luc can look into it and fix it! (The COM flip button, when held, should give you 121.5 emergency frequency. I haven't tried, but I assume it has the same problem...maybe this is an X-Plane problem?) Also, the following buttons can be named better in the settings: 1. The COM/VLOC rotator knob is named "Rotate outer/inner DTO." Should be "Rotate outer/inner C/V?" 2. "Press Knob: COM" would be better named "Press Knob: C/V" Thank you for listening!
  9. aviator1213

    Trojan Virus? [false positive]

    Windows Defender detected "Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl" in "rxpGNS-530-XPL.exe" and quarantined it, saying it is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. Defender recommends removal. Is there a problem with it, or is this a false alarm?
  10. aviator1213

    GNS Trainer questions

    I tried to run the GNS Trainer downloaded by RXP GNS 530W v.2 by itself. It (G530SIM.exe) would fire up, but I can't turn it on by pressing the Power/Com volume knob. Is this normal? Also, I was curious and ran WFDEprdct.exe...it says something like the almanac was corrupt, then updated even though I closed the dialogue boxes instead of clicking OK. Looks like these files were modified: 006-D0740-03.ini, GEOAlmanac.ini, and trainerShrFile. Does this affect anything? Thanks in advance for any answers....
  11. I just bought RXP GNS 530W v2 for X-Plane 11; also own RXP GNS 430W v1 for FSX. I really enjoy and feel more comfortable with the interface on the older version, the way I could control the knobs using left-, right-, and center mouse clicks, for example. Is there a way to choose the older interface?
  12. aviator1213

    RXP GNS 530W/430W - update with Garmin NavData?

    Just to clarify, I am happy to bring attention to availability of this NavData, but I can't try this as I don't have Reality XP GNS 530W/430W v2 and don't have this NavData. Hoping someone can confirm before I purchase.
  13. aviator1213

    RXP GNS 530W/430W - update with Garmin NavData?

    Glad to help...would love confirmation on whether/how it would install.
  14. Garmin sells NavData here for $49.99: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/511382 Can this be used with Reality XP GNS 530W/430W v2? What about data from http://www.realnavdata.com/ ?
  15. I have been using FTX SoCal and like the airports. But still prefer photoscenery vs. autogen as I like flying by pilotage (landmarks are not very complete in FTX SoCal). I was surprised how well it works. I get FTX SoCal airports, and when I fly I see photoscenery. However, some lights are missing, specifically antenna towers and airports' rotating beacons (interestingly, I can see REIL lights from many miles away - way too bright). In FSX, with MSE 4x SoCal and UTX USA v.2, I can see all the antenna towers and rotating beacons. Is this because FTX SoCal's tower locations are different from UTX USA's? Or P3D v2.5 deals with autogen differently? In terms of order, MSE is at the top, followed by FTX SoCal in P3D. MSE is also at the top in FSX, followed by UTX stuff.