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  1. Sorry on phone and pushed wrong buttons. Replying to the above. I used navigraph maps in the EFB for the first time and had CTD just before descent also. Been fine since I used Navigraph
  2. Is there any update when this frame rate slowing after about 2 hrs will be sorted because I have been getting that for the last few months?
  3. I’ll move the download file to another drive that will help for sure. Thx.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will look to see if I can clear it some more. I’ll give this a fo also. Thanks all for your help. A great community we are part of.
  5. That was a great help thanks. WizTree did the trick. Thanks for the info... Well thanks everyone. I seemed to be back where I was a week ago...Thanks for you contributions.
  6. Does anyone know if I can just delete Manualcache.ccc in c:\users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator. I remember now last week I was messing about with the scenery cache for the first time and noticed I hadn't changed the file path to new SSD. I had read that it should delete automatically if you install elsewhere..this manual cache file is 58GB. Can I just manually delete it without any effect on sim?
  7. Its all on the new SSD drive. I will give Whizztree a go to see what I can find...thanks all
  8. So my problem is the same as Traffic Pilot above. My install drive was initially c drive but I then bought an SSD Drive and moved the install there. Addons go to the ssd drive also. C drive still seems to grow. I assume Microsoft FS2020 updates then go to the same drive (the SSD)?
  9. Thanks very much for your reply. Im on Steam but I will look into that. Many Thanks.
  10. I seemed to remember reading on here a few months back about someone’s c drive getting full very quickly. Computer is only used for fs2020. Does anyone know what if anything fs2020 adds each time you fly. I have no rolling cache and add ons are on a separate drive.
  11. I think I will stay with what I’ve got for now then. Thanks.
  12. Me neither. Everything is working so well with that driver I’d hate to jinx it.
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