A320 navigation/ and FMC meltdown!

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Hi all, 

I have a rather irritating problem which has developed recently. 

Start a flight in my A320 series which is mostly constructed with the PSS panel and a mixture of IFDG and PA models and textures. It works fine for me but over the last few months this dam problem is happening nearly on every flight now. 

So I load FS9, go through the flight prep (setting up FS and setting UP FMC, trip planning etc etc), go to take off and either soon after take off or shortly en-route the FMC and aircraft navigation goes into chaos. The aircraft starts drifting right and left as if the compass direction is being changed and the flight plan in the a/c FMC and navigation display disappears waypoint by waypoint normally in quick succession. 

The plan completely vanishes and their is no hope of getting the FP back (reloading it will just repeat the plan disappearing again), and AP command won't help either as the heading/navigation display shows the heading indicator moving which in turn causes the plane to drift left and right again as if it's searching for the right heading. 

The only possible way to recover is to abandon the flight and restart FS. Normally in all cases the restart is fine and the aircraft behaves fine like normal - reads the plan, perfect navigation display and can go on and do the sector and another after if I choose too. 

This is so strange mostly because it was working fine and it does work fine after a FS reset but I can't for the life of me have any idea what is causing this problem. Upon loading the sim the first time it's normally 45 mins or an hour before I get to take off  because of planning and letting AI die down and when you are finally airborne after all the prep and build up it's quite frustrating to have to close FS because of this and reload either to take off again or from the last known position and quickly setting up the FMC and a/c ready for the remainder of the flight. 

So my question or appeal for help is to ask does anyone have any idea what this could be caused by, ever experienced anything like this or any practical advise to try and sort this out? I have been going through a list of addons running, keyboard commands that could be causing but so far nothing seems to point me in the direction of solving? 

Any help or advise gratefully appreciated! 

Thanks all 

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Hi Nick, are you starting your first flight from a saved flight with the A320?

If so, revert to the FS default flight then manually select the A320 and departure airport/gate from the Create a Flight menu.

This could be why your later flights are working fine, but your initial flight has weird malfunctions.

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Thanks for the reply. 

No is the short answer - I start FS and cofgure from scratch every time. 

Its more often that not the first time I load FS and select the a/c the problem occurs, but as I said restarting FS resets and their is no problem - regardless of whether I actually take the plane off again or select the location to start from the map ( start in flight). 

Thanks again 




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This is the downside of payware panel/freeware aircraft merges - you have to be VERY careful about how you set up the aircraft.cfg after the merge. The panel's autopilot and FMC gauges will expect to find certain parameters unchanged in the aircraft.cfg or they'll become erratic and uncontrollable.

Your merged aircraft.cfg should be exactly the same as the original PSS one, except for the livery entries, contact points and lights sections, which you should copy and replace from your freeware aircraft.cfg's.

I'd also stick with the original PSS .air file too, there are some important parameters in there which are not contained in the aircraft.cfg file.

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