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Hello friends, good afternoon.

First of all two things, first I introduce myself, I am a great fan of aviation and pilot frustrated by problems of health, but thanks to this wonderful simulator I try to mitigate this "frustration". Second, forgive my English (I am from Barcelona, Spain), it is not very good and I am using the Google translator.

I recently bought this model of Carenado, the PA31T (I treat it as a woman, that's why the pronoun "la") and I'm quite comfortable in piloting it, now I'm doing short flights to go get used to its avionics and behavior, both in VFR As in IFR since my intention is to go around the world by IVAO with her.

I have detected some things that I have already consulted with Carenado because the P3D gives me errors when I leave the simulator and when dealing with problems with textures files I have believed that the best ones to solve these problems are them.

But on the other hand, there are other questions that I prefer to discuss with you who, being more veterans, surely you know them and if you have a sure solution you will have adopted them.

I have been able to detect that the fuel that is consumed in a flight, starts in one tank and once empty for the other, but of course, this causes weight loss. I do not quite understand the operation of the levers that are on the right side and below the pilot's seat, I attached screenshots of the levers that are.

I have also detected a delay delay between activating the yoke lever at maximum power and that this is transferred to the simulator, is normal ?, I just happen with this model.

Well, I will not extend it, to be the first message I think that is enough. Thank you very much for all the answers and I hope in the future to be able to help if I know the subject.

See you!!!





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