Switch States on Electrical Panel (747v3SDK)

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Hi everyone,

I am coding some LUA scripts to interface the PMDG 747 v3 (which I purchased last week) to my hardware, using the published SDK and FSUIPC offsets. I have a question regarding replicating the various states of the electrical panel. I will illustrate the problem with some screenshots and the associated state variable (FSUIPC offset) concerning the Battery Switch:

(1) Cold and Dark: Battery switch is BLANK
(FSUIPC offset, type, name)
("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 0


(2) Here I have the engines running: Battery Switch displays "ON"
("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 1


(3) Here I have switched off the Battery and all the Bus Ties and Gen Cont 1: Battery Switch displays "OFF"
("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 0


The problem is that the published offsets allow for only 2 states of the battery switch, but there are 3 possible outcomes = ON/OFF/BLANK. How is one to determine programmatically  when to get the Battery Switch to display a BLANK? I tried using the A:var (A:CIRCUIT AVIONICS ON, bool) but to no avail.

The Battery Switch is only one instance of the problem I am facing. Almost all of the other switches on the Electrical panel have this third state which does not appear to be determined by a published offset.


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