Bad photo scenery or a setting I missed somewhere?

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Have been playing around with Ortho4XP building photo scenery for a couple of weeks now and I'm still struggling getting the perfect result seen in lots of YouTube clips etc.

My problem is it looks really nice in one area but word not allowed in another and often with very sharp borders where the color can be very different which I've learned is because the photos were taking at different times. Sometimes complete areas are all white and I've even seen an icon which looks like a camera which is crossed so I guess that means 'We don't have map data for this area' or even 'We're not allowed to show you what's on the ground in this area'.

I've heard before my huge issues probably are because I've been focusing on Scandinavia which apparently doesn't have the same great map data as many other parts of Europe.

I guess I'll just have to skip Scandinavia. At least for now until better map/photo data is available and meanwhile focus on other areas. Would have been very cool though to have Scandinavia in photo scenery since that is my own home region.

Just to make sure before I give up on Scandinavia it's really bad map data causing this and not me doing something wrong or some setting I missed somewhere here's an example what it often looks like. The screenshot shows ZL16 provided by Bing with ENGM marked in the middle of the screenshot. I've oriented the screenshot with north pointing north etc like a map and as you can see looking both east and west of ENGM it looks like word not allowed and nothing you like to see when you're out flying since it kills any immersion very effectively...


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