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Hi, Stephen.

I just purchased P3D v4, along with OpusFSI_v5. It would appear that the setup documentation has not been completely updated because the PDK setup instructions are centered around P3D_v3. In other words, it talks extensively about renaming, for example for P3D_3.4, the OpusPDK_v34.DLL to OpusPDK_v3.DLL, but makes no mention of what to do for P3D_4. I also note that there is no OpusPDK_v4.DLL file in the OpusFSI_v5 folder following installation.

So, my question is, what do I do to setup the proper interface for P3D_4? What file do I need to copy from the OpusFSI_v5 folder to the Prepar3d v4 Modules folder?

Same question for inclusion into the DLL.XML file?

I also note that there are quite a few DLL files in OpusFSI_v5 folder that were not in the OpusFSI_v4 folder, like OpusAS.DLL, OpusFSI.DLL, OpusP3D.dll, and several SlimDX#.dll files. Does anything manual need to be done with any of these?

Finally, what about the FSI2PDK_v4.DLL?

Sorry to trouble you with this, but I've been through all the documentation (including the GS file!) and can't find anything.

Thanks in advance.


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There's no OpusPDK Interface for P3Dv4 and one doesn't seem to be necessary or a worthwhile development at the moment. The LM dotNet 4 SimConnect library seems perfectly adequate (efficient) with P3Dv4 and there is no noticeable difference in performing 6DOF control via a PDK interface. So there's also no need for any OpusPDK DLL of ours sitting within the P3Dv4 memory resulting in greater stability within the sim.

Our FSI2PDK_v4.DLL library has been prepared for a future (64-bit) OpusPDK Interface should one be needed (or if more useful features are added to the PDK, we would also require the P3Dv4 PDK to be a little more stable as well).

Stephen :-)

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