Peru Airport Approach / Navigation / Infrastructure Quality

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I am playing around with various flight simulation games (X-Plane 11, FlightGear in jets) and have recently tried to fly around various airports in Peru.

What I found astonishing were:

1. Limited number of published aerodrome / approach charts - from official DGAC in Peru (which shows only a few airports, fewer than what has scheduled services listed) to whatever other sources online

2. Very few air routes connecting city pairs along the mountains or towards the Amazon

3. Limited navigation aids - old style NDBs, few VORs, few GPS / RNP

While I appreciate that Peru's topography is difficult (the scenery, for instance, in X-Plane is pretty good these days), and standard of living and economic activity isn't that high, I also understand that Peru has seen increases in domestic air travel and many new airlines.

So how do real Peruvian airlines operate?  Proverbial "fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants" VFR navigating through the mountain valleys?  What about clouds (which must happen frequently in mountains, even if the climate is somewhat dry due to the cold currents / coastal deserts / wind patterns)?

While I've not been to Peru, I have been to Colombia and Ecuador.  I realize that the land forms and human settlements are different (e.g., the capitals of the latter two are in fertile valleys more in the middle of the country), it still strikes me that Peru outside of the coast is pretty underdeveloped.

I would also love some insights from you into the state of air transport there.  Also any tips on free air nav resources (I don't want to pay Jeppesen just for gaming).

BTW, flying flight sim games in Peru is a lot of fun - the landings can be as hairy as Paro.  But even Paro has great approach plates and navigation charts.

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