737NGX - MCPComboV1 LCD’s displays sync with P3d4 MCP, but no buttons working?

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After a year or so in the mothballs I installed P3D v4 (x64)

Installed FSUIPC v5
- all working
- updated LINDA and 737NGX module, OK
- attached my MCP (v1), tests OK

default FSX aircraft Baron, King Air, working with MCPCombo OK

run 737NGX, not OK

I can rotate and set 737NGX MCP with mouse in P3D4
and this syncs to outputs on MCPCombov1 OK

but when I use rotaries or buttons on MCPCOMBO nothing happens in P3D4,
with the exception of x-change COM,NAV 1 to 2 and back with <- X -> button

what am I missing

Any one?

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Welcome back to LINDA. As you MCP1 is working with the default aircraft but not the PMDG737NGX then we need to look at your configuration for the latter. 

You say you have updated to P3Dv4.1 and FSUIPC5. I assume therefore you have also updated LINDA to 3.0.4 and have the latest 64-bit version of the PMDG737NGX. Simple question but all the software has changed. Does the aircraft name show “PMDG 737" and if the box outlined in orange? If not click on Sync to Sim. 

You need to check that you have the correct functions assigned to your MCP1 panel. The knobs (SPD/HDG/ALT) should begin NGX. Check Combo page. If not, check that you have the config-mcp.default and try deleting the config-mcp.lua file. Then restart P3D and LINDA to copy the.default. Then retest. 

If these suggestions do not work, please follow the Fault Diagnosis thread and send me the logs and the 737 config-mcp.lua file. 

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FYI Andrew

deleted config-mcp.lua
reloaded - nothing changed - no working

Linda MCP COMBO, middle MCP, tried -- Presets -- "MCP default", saved - waddayaknow - Working OK now

same Linda EFIS, presets "MCP default", saved - OK now

you did a great job on this module

BTW, just noticed

- 737NGX has 1x ADF (I guess)

in cockpit ADF Active <> Standby

at the moment ADF is syncing ‘ACTIVE’
but should sync ‘STANDBY’ and then confirm w. <- X ->  button

- and, perhaps - needs 2 readouts to set like COM and NAV - or something

(Not urgent - at all - , merely a friendly suggestion)

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Glad you have things working. I can not claim the PMDG or most other modules. These are mostly down to the work of my colleague Guenseli.

Most of the COM/NAV functionality is independent of the aircraft module but will take a look.

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OK, well thanks anyway for the help.

Since we're at it,
I just noticed flying the CRS rotation push function when defined 'CRS LR sync' or 'CRS LR toggle' that doesn't work.

(CRS rotation does work, and defaults to the L it appears)

Am I right to mention this to you, or should I ask for support somewhere .. ?



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The CRS rotation does default to the Capt's (Left) CRS by design. However, the LR sync/toggle do work with the right functions.

On the MCP Combo Radio panel you need to assign different functions:

Under DME/CRS Knob:

  • change all NGX_AP_CRSL_ functions to their NGX_AP_CRS_LR_ equivalents.
  • ensure Press is NGX_AP_CRS_LR_toggle.

However, I can not get changes to the CRS to reflect on the map display (TRK/MAG). I am not familiar enough with the PMDG 737 to say if this is correct.

The Standby ADF1 frequency is neither used in the core LINDA code nor available as a FSUIPC offset. All changes to the ADF1 frequency are made direct to the in-use frequency. No change will be made to LINDA to add it just for the PMDG 737.

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