Giuseppe Balestrazzi

Not able to use SimLauncherX on a client pc

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Hi, first of all i want to congratulate you for this wonderful app you created! :biggrin:

Now let me explain my problem in short words: i can not make it to work on my client PC! I'm using P3d4 (v4.1)...and everything seems to work flawlessly on my server PC (the one where P3d is installed)...I followed your step by step guide on the manual but I am only able to connect the client slx  to the server by starting slxserver on my server PC... and i can also start p3d from my client PC... but it won't connect to the simulator then (the second "traffic light" red light wont turn green...) The folders are correctly set (both on server and on client PCs) all simconnect files are correctly made and put in the correct folders... all folders have been correctly shared and all the permissions setup are done... i just can't really understand where the problem is! As I said before i read your step-by-step guide for the correct installation on my server and client PCs but it seems not working for me (at least not on my client PC) If I open the simlauncherx.log on my client PC it seems that everything is working good except when i try to connect to the simulator , when it says "IP-address not found"... but this is indeed my server IP address, and the one written on the simconnect.xml file! :blink: The only thing i can do now is sharing with you my settings files... and maybe you will understand if there is a mistake.

Those are my simlauncher settings and logs files on my server PC:

...and those are the ones on my client PC:

...those are my simconnect files (i'm not sharing the simconnect.cfg file, because I know is not needed for your program to I right?!)

I would really appreciate if you can understand my connection problems... i would really like to exploit its full potential using a second monitor (my client PC).


PS:sorry for my english, i'm italian and maybe not everything is clear... :blush:


Giuseppe Balestrazzi

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