Milviz F-4 J/S Questions: Navigation, Operation, Software

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I thought I'd group all my questions into one post.

First off: MVAMS or ACM? They both configure (mostly the same) settings?

Second: En-Route Navigation. I default to 'Ready To Fly' and have also selected Auto Position Update and Auto Waypoint Sequence options. I have watched a YouTube tutorial on the INS; not having much luck here. I can navigate to a VORTAC whose channel I manually input, and that is about it. I don't see a Target 2 position on the INS?? (S Model)

Approaches: With the ILS sytem powered on, and a correct frequency set via MVAMS, I get the correct morse identifier and also course deviation needle on the HSI. On my attitude indicator I get glideslope info but the localizer needle is off to the left.

Third: Autopilot. I know it is a basic system but I cannot get it to follow heading or to switch from couple to engage. I read about a test switch but have not been able to locate.

Fourth: Turn Radius with NWS. I have NWS mapped to a joystick button... I can see the noswheel turn, but even with diff. braking the radius seems limited (esp for carrier ops). What I see externally is that I can pivot the nosewheel to an almost 90 degree off center position but as soon as I start moving the angle decreases quite a bit. The rudder moves as well, which I don't think should happen - but perhaps that is just a programming issue.

Thanks in advance...

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You'll have to get on the support forums for these questions... As per page one of the manual.



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