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An add-on suggestion

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I would like to confess a sin I have as a simmer. I buy planes that do not fly. Or I don't fly them as much as I would like. Let me explain.

I certainly like and enjoy any simulation that is accurate to the highest level. And certainly its a challenge to master a technology that is not fully automated like today's airliners. In this respect, flying an airliner like the Constellation and the DC-6 or the upcoming MD-82 is making our hobby so beautiful and exciting. On the other hand, I should admit that I always find more "easy" to pick a current flight and it is more immersive because we have data. We have flight numbers, flightplans and destinations. This is somehow addicting and immersive, that I can't even fly a summer scheduled flight in the winter. Of course there is also the time factor. I don't have unlimited time to fly all flights I want in a week. So usually, I will prioritize current flights as finding a destination in real life is always easy and realistic. So, I have narrowed down my "sin" in the convenience factor of finding a realistic flight in a matter of seconds. I know that by googling one can find historical flights for past airlines, but lets be realistic. Its not the same easy as using Flightradar24 and getting all necessary info to build a realistic flightplan.

What I think is missing from flight simulation is an airliner dispatcher add-on, an all in one solution. Something that would read real-time schedules but also have a database of historical flights. Then as a captain, you would have multiple careers in many airlines, choosing to live in today's schedule or choose to go a few years back in time or many years back in time, being a captain of a historical airline. The add-on should give destinations suggestions and maybe pax and cargo requirements for each flight. That in my opinion would give motivation and destinations to fly for every add-on. Either this is an A320 or a DC-6. I strongly believe that such an add-on, if designed correctly, will be a best seller. Unfortunately, as much as I can dream about it, I am not a software developer, so I can only drop the idea for maybe someone to grab if not already thought or hopefully being developed.

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