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Hi community,

when I bought Mallorca X Evolution from Aerosoft, there were still the airberlin logos on the jetways. As you might have noticed, that changed, as airberlin closed their hub at Mallorca Airport. As I´m most probably the biggest airberlin fan ever, I´d of course like, to still use these textures on the jetways. But when I switched to P3D V4, I redownloaded the Installer, to install LEPA into P3D V4, but then, I noticed, that I didn´t save the jetway textures, so now my jetways are completely white, just like the real ones. Therefore my question, if somebody here still has the jetways with airberlin textures available and could send me the files "LEPAjetway" and "LEPAjetway_LM" which can be found in the airport texture folder. I already contacted AS, but Mathijs tole me, it would not be possible to sort these files out for one sinlge customer. 


Thanks in advance.



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