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25FPS with my configuration

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Hi guys,

I've bought a new system last year with the biggest thought I could remain on it for the next years without having big troubles with my prefered games Rainbow Six Siege and Prepar3D v4.2 (at the moment).
But I must say that with "good" settings in P3D, I only get a average frame rate of 25 only. I use a Intel Extreme tool to have instead of 4.2GHz now 4.6GHz. | my concern is that for example Chewwy has a bit "slower" setup and hardware but is receiving around 50-60 Frames. I really would like to know how I could get into the same direction.

Here is my configuration:

  • Intel Core i7-7700K 4200 1151 BOX
  • Asus8GB D5X GTX 1080 STRIX AG
  • be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER10 CM 800W ATX24
  • 32GB 2133-15 Ripjaws V K2 GSK
  • be quiet! SILENT BASE 800 orbk ATX
  • SSD 500GB 1.8/3.2G 960 EVO PCIe M.2 SAM
  • Corsair CW-9060017-WW Hydro Series Water cooler (H80i GT 120 mm, High Performance All-In-One CPU)

I run Prepar3D on my M.2 disk, no cfg tweak. Only NVIDIA Profile Inspector to lock my frames at 30, P3D: unlimited
I will post my Prepar3D config later on - my general question is, if I should get much more with my hardware of if there is any issue or maybe a "feature" I don´t use yet to boost up a bit.
I mainly use the settings of AviationLads (Maurice) which can be found here at the moment but only on Full-HD resolution: http://www.aviationlads.com/my-settings/

Thanks a lot for any kind of help!
In case of any further needed configuration/setting needed, I will post it later.

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There is not one-size-fits-all setting, it really depends on a lot of factors. (hardware, config tweaks, processor affinity, scenery used, aircraft used, etc, etc)
If you indeed use the settings of AviationLads, I can imaging it is bringing your system (and any system) to it knees.
Basically it is all sliders to the right, with all shadows on, dynamic lighting, HDR, 4K textures, etc.

Getting the best performance to graphics ratio is experimenting with settings.


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