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Aerosoft PANC Professional v1.10 Question/Help

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Purchased it a couple hours ago.  Seems it is installing correctly into my P3Dv4.2.  An "encoding check" using Lorby's tool says all .xml files are fine.  But I'm having an interesting issue with the airport.  Did searches both here and the Aerosoft support forums and didn't see this anywhere, so thought I'd ask here first 'cos the Aerosoft forum seems kinda goofy to me as far as finding support for the PANC airport. So......

The airport loads fine in P3Dv4.2.  I can take off and fly all over the scenery with no problems whatsoever.  But if my current "Time and Season" in P3Dv4.2 is "Spring/Day", if I go to the "overhead" view of the scenery (Top Down I think it is called) and start to zoom out, P3D will eventually lock up ("freeze"...accepts no inputs, ect) and I will get a full Crash to Desktop with P3D shutting down in about 10 seconds.  This ONLY happens when my Time and Season is "Spring/Day" (there is still snow on the ground in the sim then at PANC and on the airport, and the water runways are frozen).  I experimented with other Time and Season settings and the above will not happen using Summer, etc.  It seems like there is something in the scenery during the "Spring/Day" time that when you zoom out far enough in Top Down view (not very far at all, really), it will crash P3D.  Or it may have to do with the "snow/ice" texture display.  I don't know.

I have FTX Southern Alaska installed, and have it "disabled" (unchecked, which is confusing the way the description of it is in the Config tool) using the PANC Config tool.  All the ORBX files in the PANC/Scenery folder show ".off" as their extensions, which is how I THINK it is supposed to be.  This seems to be the correct way to set up the Config tool for using PANC with SAK.  My Config Tool also shows it is the v1.10.2 updated version (which came with the PANC download I did today...I didn't need the "update" file from March).

I have checked for the obvious things like multiple AFCADs and don't have any.  Also no FS9 AI models, etc.  I haven't had ANY CTDs in my P3Dv4.2 installation prior to installing the Aerosoft PANC Professional v1.10.

I'm stumped as to why using the "Top Down" P3D view during "Spring/Day" and zooming it out would crash  P3D when it doesn't happen using any other season.

Can anyone duplicate the above with your P3Dv4.2 installation and the PANC v1.10 airport?  For now I'm just trying to see if it is unique to something I may have missed in my install of PANC.  Or if it is something to do with the PANC airport itself.

Thanks for any insights.



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OK, now I'm really confused.  I used the Config tool to "check" the ORBX SAK box.  Loaded P3D and went to PANC with Summer/Day settings.  I could pan around the airplane sitting on the runway with no CTD's.  As soon as I went to Top Down view and zoomed out a bit, P3D locked up and CTD'd to desktop again.  That was with Summer and no snow or ice displayed.

I restarted P3D and went back to PANC with Winter/Day settings.  Took off and flew all over the darn place pointing away from and back at the airport.  No CTD's.  Landed at airport, went to Top Down view, started to zoom out, and total P3D freeze followed by CTD to desktop.

I have no idea what is going on, but it seems to be coincidental to using the Top Down view regardless of the Time and Season.

Can anybody use their Top Down view and zoom out with PANC and get the same CTD's I'm getting?  I'm trying to troubleshoot this and getting nowhere right now.

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Oh more time.  I'm narrowing something down here, I think.

OK, if I DON'T have the FTX box checked in the Config tool, the Spring/Day time setting will give me snow and ice on the airport.  With the FTX box checked, it will give me NO snow and ice on the airport.  In EITHER case, if I go to the Top Down view and zoom out I will CTD.  Surprisingly, with a Spring/NIGHT time setting, there is no CTD when I do it.  I'm still stumped why using the Top Down view has anything to do with it in the first place.

I want my Mommy.......  :blink: :laugh:

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Heck, just did a PMDG flight from PAJN to PANC.  Everything worked fine as long as I didn't try to use the Top Down view.  After landing at PANC, parked and shut aircraft down to cold and dark.  Then switched to Top Down view.  Hit "-" key twice to zoom out and P3D puked to desktop again.

So did some GOOGLE searches and discovered this has been happening since P3Dv2 with the Top Down view.  Never had it happen to me since switching to PVDv3 and v4.  Oh well.  Guess I'll just quit using Top Down at PANC.  Seems to work everywhere else for now.  

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