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  1. Take a chill pill. I listed it as a OPTIONAL way to do what some people want to accomplish. Just because you don't think it's a good idea or "inconvenient" doesn't make it that way for everybody. It takes less than 3 seconds on my computer to load it once I click the desktop icon I have for it. And I would bet LESS time figuring out what gates to use than going through the whole goat-rope of loading the entire SIM to a runway first, opening GSX, searching it's menu, then "warping" to the gate finally.
  2. If you have Little Nav Map installed and the database is current for all your addons, it is easy to just open LNM before starting your flight sim and going to the airport(s) you are interested in. You can zoom in, hold your mouse curser over any parking spot shown, and it will LIST everything contained for that parking spot in a popup window. The graphic circle for the parking spot is also a different size depending on the size of the spot, so it's easy to "find" the size you want. The popup window shows the info directly from the AFCAD....type of parking (gate, ramp, cargo, etc), size (small, med, large, and actual meter size), assigned airline parking if assigned to the spot, and even if there is a JETWAY at the spot, etc. Pick your departure and arrival parking spots, then just close LNM before starting the sim if you want. Select the same named parking spot from the starting point list in the sim's GUI dropdown list and spawn at the parking spot. Don't have to worry about your choice already being "taken" by spawning on the runway first, which also works a whole lot better for people using P3Dv3 as it won't mess with adding extra VAS usage by loading things twice. PS - Little Nav Map is free. I switched to using it after having used FS Commander for YEARS. It's a full fledged moving map flight planner. Works great for solving all the problems listed in this thread.
  3. I think you still have a misunderstanding about how the AI traffic works. AI traffic isn't JUST at the airport YOU are at. It is also at ALL airports within a radius of the airport you are at. So you could be OK with 60% AI setting at an airport without many other airports near it. But 60% ANYWHERE in the Los Angeles basin area (like KBUR) with a third-party AI addon is going to choke your computer. It will be putting AI at KBUR, KVNY, KLAX (which alone with 60% can kill you), and a whole lot of other airports in the vicinity (look at a map of airports in the LA basin area...they are all over the place). Plus, if those airports have working JETWAYS at them, your problem is even worse. Your sim is activating all those jetways at the other airports, even if you can't see them from where you are. 60% setting in major metropolitan areas with lots of airports is NORMALLY gonna kill your computer. If you adjust your percentages, take into account not ONLY the airport you are at, but how many other nearby airports there are too. That's why a lot of us just stay at the 10 - 20% setting. You will still get plenty of AI traffic with that with a good third-party AI program. Or as mentioned, get FSUIPC and set a limit on the number of aircraft that will be generated and where (you can use it to have AI generated only at your airport and the nearest airports to you, etc, etc, like you could set it for a maximum of 200 AI showing only near, but mostly at, KBUR while you are there).
  4. Signature updated. Sorry 'bout that.
  5. Ah, OK. I didn't read it that way. In any case, I still stand by it's not PMDG's fault that a customer has a slow or limited Internet connection. That was my main point in my first post. The customer has to live with that issue. And should stop implying, either implicitly or otherwise, that the developer is causing their "problem".
  6. Uh, OK. But I paid over $400 for the best "study sim" airplanes available, and the company producing them is just "winging it" with their current update plans? I really find that hard to believe, let alone troubling. But not too troubling. I have a super fast unlimited bandwidth Internet plan, so....... ...my sincere condolences to those who don't.
  7. OK, so having worked in IT for almost 40 years now, this seems to be the issue: 1. PMDG HAS to push some new FULL installers at the end users. That will be a given. 2. Once the FULL installers have been updated, future updates *should* be able to be accomplished through the OC with only much smaller "micro" updates. 3. In the meantime, users with fast Internet service and unlimited bandwidth plans won't complain about downloading new FULL installers. 4. But, users with restricted speed and bandwidth Internet service do have a rational concern. BUT, that is NOT a problem for the developer. It is, sad to say, a problem for the end user with the slow, limited bandwidth connection. 5. SO.....would THIS be a possible solution? PMDG, I assume any FULL installer update would be a CUMULATIVE update that included all PREVIOUS updates. If that is so, then just say whether any new FULL installer will be the LAST full installer before the *micro* updates can start. Users with limited bandwidth and speed can then just WAIT for the LAST full installer to be released before downloading it. Yes, I know that won't make the limited speed and bandwidth crowd happy. But that's life. It's not PMDG's fault you have a slow or limited bandwidth service. Respectfully submitted.
  8. Vector could relatively easily be "broken down" into smaller parts that would coincide with the separate Open Landclass areas ORBX markets. The source data is not just one big data file that covers the entire world. It consists of much smaller .bgl files that when used together cover a larger geographic area. It's no different than .bgl files for terrain mesh products. If the source data WASN'T that way, then you wouldn't have separate vector products like UTX for the USA, Canada, Europe. ORBX doesn't HAVE to sell each Vector geographic area separately (or they may decide to start doing that by including only the files needed for an Open Landclass area WITH the Open Landclass area). They could still sell the "Global Vector" as one single product that covers the entire world. But it needs to have the ability to turn the Vector parts on/off for each area that corresponds with an Open Landclass area then, at least until Vector is as good as (or better) than other products that exist for areas already covered. And yes, UTX has been better (more accurate) for the USA, Canada, and Europe for a LONG time. And still is. Vector was missing shorelines, beaches, etc in all of those areas YEARS after they were included in UTX. Vector still has areas in the US that are unforgivable (like parts of Lake Michigan shorelines that weren't even CLOSE to being accurate as of only a few months ago...and I don't know if those have even been fixed yet). I'm not bashing Vector just for the sake of it. But for $80, even if it is a "whole world coverage area" product, it should NOT have all the issues it still has after all the time it has been available for sale. And it got to the point where ORBX even had to quit making excuses for Pilot's. Heck, ORBX was even telling posters in the ORBX forums things like, "We don't control what Pilot's does with their products". That's a sad state of affairs for a company that (at one time?) had a public policy of, "We build our ORBX products around Global Vector. We are not responsible for any problems you may have if you use a different Vector product." So yeah...I'm pretty sure ORBX may have finally got fed up with Pilot's too. It was reflecting very poorly on ORBX as a whole.
  9. I bought Vector well over a year ago but uninstalled it and went back to using my UTX. There was just too many things wrong with it...VAS usage, inaccurate vector data, everything you would expect from an open source database that had not been made "ready for prime time" yet. People would report the problems they found, and would get answers like, "I'll look at it when I get home from work" (from an actual forum post response). The product has been around way too long to still have the kind of issues it has. IMO, ORBX needed to take it over to maintain any credibility of the overall ORBX scenery franchise. They couldn't just keep saying, "It's from a third-party developer we use, and we can't tell them what to do.....". Anyhow, I'm not planning on buying ORBX new South America Open Landclass if I can't install Vector while STILL keeping my UTX installed for the US, Canada, and Europe. ORBX needs to make Vector "modular" so the user can turn off the geographical areas they DON'T want to use it for. UTX is still miles ahead in the same coverage areas as Vector.
  10. There is a freeware version created by the VATSIM Chicago community that as of Sep 2016 has KORD updated with the correct runways, taxiways, etc. Making it was the only way the VATSIM Chicago controllers could have any fly-ins there without everything going bonkers. Here's an excerpt from the readme file that comes with it: --------------------------------------------- P.S. This scenery package of KORD airport is up to date as of September 1, 2016. This should hold everyone over until FSDT decides to remake their wonderful KORD scenery. However, while yes it has eye candy, the taxiways are completely incorrect and the new runways are not added. This is a recipe for disaster on VATSIM and because of this, Chicago ARTCC refuses to have events and update their procedures at KORD. NOT ANY MORE!! With this package, all users can now have the following FOR FREE: RWY 9L/27R. 9R/27L, 10L/28R, 10C/28C, 10R/28L, 22L.. ALL OTHER RUNWAYS ARE NOT USED AT ORD IN REAL WORLD! -ALL RUNWAYS HAVE WORKING ILS AND CORRECT IDENTIFIERS/FREQS! Enjoy and have fun flying in and out of ORD now! This is my first upload so let me know how I did! IF you have any suggestions or comments please email me at johnmanley60@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------- Do a search on the normal hosting sites for KORD Scenery v1.2 (I think I found it looking in the FSX AFCAD sections). It works fine in my P3Dv4 installation. I use it instead of my FSDT KORD depending on if I need an accurate KORD layout or not.
  11. Most likely #2. I have an i7 6700K @4.5 with 32 GB RAM and GTX1080ti. All P3Dv4 software is on SSD's. Built it specifically for P3Dv4 and there isn't much of anything it can't keep up with running v4. I also do video editing (one of the reasons I have 32 GB RAM). I was editing a video about a week ago (was gonna take a while) so I fired up P3Dv4. Uh....my P3Dv4 didn't like that either. Many video editing apps will assault your entire system and grab, and hang onto, resources like a thief.
  12. You're welcome. And even if you ran the Simple Airport Scanner you may not have found it that way, as there would not have been duplicate CYTZ's. The freeware developer for the FTX CYTZ just missed something and the scenery extended over into the downtown area causing multiple buildings there. No need to remove any files from any other folders, including the default scenery/world/scenery folder or anything UTX Canada.
  13. Do you have the FTX NA Freeware Airports pack installed? If yes, it's the included CYTZ downtown Toronto airport causing the problem. Go to your flightsim main folder, then ORBX/FTX_GLOBAL/FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS/Scenery folder and scroll down the contents and disable the 2 CYTZ entries (the .bgl airport file and the CVX file with it). You can just add an ".OFF" (no quotation marks) to both file names and leave them in the folder. Bye-bye duplicate CNN Tower and the duplicate stadium next to it too. It shouldn't have anything to do with CYYZ.
  14. True, but see my add to my post above. Once he gets the new SAS 1.70 it SHOULD list the FTX PHDH airport he is looking for. But just in case, I told him where to "manually" find it. And Jon at ScruffyDuck said it wouldn't be any easy fix for his SAS, so I wouldn't hold my breath for an updated SAS yet. Heck, even the FSUIPC still has to use another third-party app just to make a list of both the scenery.cfg file AND XML entries so MakeRunways will work properly. It's still a goat-rope.
  15. The 1.70 SAS version still won't find any airports in your sim that have been added using the new XML method. Those airports don't create any entries in the Scenery.cfg file, and SAS only looks at the Scenery.cfg file for now. ScruffyDuck said they would look at making it compatible, but it hasn't happened yet (as far as I know according to the thread you referenced and my posts in it). NOTE: The SAS SHOULD find any FTX airports, freeware or payware, in as much as ORBX does NOT use the XML install method for any of it's scenery. So you SHOULD be able to list the FTX airport using the SAS. ADD: To find the FTX PHDH airport if SAS doesn't list it, go to your P3Dv4 folder/ORBX/FTX_GLOBAL/FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS/Scenery folder and look for the 2 PHDH entries in it. You can turn them "OFF" there by renaming them there.