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  1. FalconAF

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    As a real world pilot for over 45 years, I agree with everything you said in your post...but it goes out the window with your last paragraph quoted above. The last paragraph says the issue is immersion for SIM HOBBYISTS. Again...P3D is NOT DESIGNED as an entertainment platform. All of your "issues" about P3D needing to increase immersion, crisp texture experience, etc, are NOT A REQUIREMENT in most training simulations. I do NOT need 30 CM texture resolution for the scenery next to the runway I am attempting to teach a student pilot to land on safely. I do not need 3D grass waving in the wind to teach a tank commander how to conduct a land based tank battle to destroy an enemy tank before it destroys my tank. Heck, I don't even need to see clouds in a flight simulation to teach IFR flying. I can just as easily display a one-color simulated "hood" view in the simulation that prevents me seeing out the front cockpit window, thus eliminating ALL need for my CPU or GPU to process ANY outside the cockpit scenery graphics until the very last moment when breaking out of the undercast at the Missed Approach Point. And even then, the "scenery" I see out the front cockpit window does not have to be 30 CM resolution or display "crisp" or "clear" for an LOD Radius of 6 in front of my aircraft. P3D works now as the "base" platform for "realism". For a realistic training scenario for a particular aircraft or ground vehicle (tank, etc) or water vehicle (submarine or surface vessel), LM will most likely NOT be the developer of those simulator objects. It will be an outside contractor developing them, such as something like PMDG creating a "study sim" Boeing aircraft. And that will be what is really used for the "realism training" that will be done in a commercial or military training program. Your last paragraph above are all the gripes and complaints of the "SIM HOBBYIST" community users of P3D. None of the items you list would be "show stoppers" for commercial or military training providers training students on the operation of PLATFORMS (aircraft, ground vehicle, or water vehicles). The training takes place for the student to learn how to use the PLATFORMS. Not to teach the student what grass blowing in the wind or clouds look like in the "real world". For commercial or military simulation training, it IS the "flight dynamics" of the aircraft that need to be "real". Or the dynamics of the tank or submarine or surface vessel. Would YOU trust a training environment that said, "Well, our airplanes don't simulate what the real world airplane will really fly like, but our scenery graphics are outstanding! You'll learn what grass and clouds REALLY look like!"
  2. FalconAF

    My uncle is a fed-ex pilot.....

    One of my motorcycle riding friends (before I got run over and almost killed 2 years ago) was retired military and retired FedEx pilot. He didn't do flight simming, and when I told him about it and asked him where I could get FedEx schedules for my own flight simming, he laughed at me and said, "Ain't gonna happen". FedEx is really tight-lipped about their operations, primarily for security reasons according to him. I can't blame them what with all the screwballs in the world today who do stupid stuff if given the chance.
  3. FalconAF

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    I think what a lot of people are missing is that LM doesn't even HAVE to update P3D for it to be used by a military or commercial TRAINING program. When was the last time you did any real-world flight (or combat) computer simulated TRAINING that required you have a "scenario" loaded that would let you fly 2000 miles over photoreal scenery at 1 meter per pixel resolution? Or drive a tank 100 miles? Or have the need to display people walking around on the ground using up the computer's CPU cycles (in most cases there is absolutely no need whatsoever to have "ground personnel" or "spectators" displayed in most training scenarios)? Or have an airport displaying 100 AI aircraft in high resolution at the gates? Or all the other "eye candy" stuff we non-commercial, non-military users use our flight simulators for. Remember...P3D is NOT an "entertainment" platform. It is designed as a Scenario Training Simulator...not a "fly me around the entire world with all the eye candy I can load all at the same time". P3D "as is" right now can simulate real world flight training requirements using small(er) geographic areas limited to only the area needed for the commercial pilot or military pilot training scenarios (or other ground or sea based military training scenarios). Nobody in commercial or military flight training is going to sit a pilot trainee at a computer simulation and have them fly cross-country for 8+ hours. The simulation ("scenario") will be much shorter, in a limited geographic area, that won't be using all the "eye candy" that chokes the heck out of most of OUR computers when we use P3D. Just sayin'..... We "non-commercial", "non-military", and "non-training" users cause our own problems with the product by all the things we overload it with ourselves. You aren't going to see that kind of "non-necessary" addon choking taking place in commercial or military training environments. 😎
  4. I use the Simbrief website for long haul flight planning. Once it displays it's SUGGESTED route, you have the option of selecting the most current route being used by real-world aircraft flying it. Click on the FlightAware tab that is available next to the suggested route. It will give you the most current flight plan the real-world aircraft are using, retrieved from the FlightAware website, which has normally taken into consideration the real-world weather the flight would encounter at the time of the scheduled departure (the flight plan WAS developed by the real-world Dispatcher for the associated airline). As in the real world, you may still have to make some inflight adjustments during your long-haul flight, as over longer time frames the forecasted weather could change on you during your extended flight. But you shouldn't encounter too drastic an inflight route change even if you need to make one during the flight.
  5. FalconAF

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    It's not an empty point, Kevin. And yes...I did it on purpose. Because when someone asks a question in a forum like this, if ANYBODY is going to try to answer the question, the forum DOES become "a classroom" where learning can hopefully take place. It sure did expand the number and type of replies to the original question...didn't it? And addressed it in the many different ways it might be answered, which was one of the things I mentioned in my original post about different pilots having different opinions about it. NOW, the original OP has a much more in-depth understanding (or capability to understand) the answer(s) to their question. Press on.
  6. FalconAF

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Well, I just got back home from the FSExpo18 here in Las Vegas. If I hadn't known the topic of the get-together was a flight simming convention, I would have thought I was at my 45th year high school reunion. Seemed like all the under 30 crowd was either working the display booths or providing convention support. Most of the people wandering around looking at all the cool stuff were within 10 years of my age. I was half expecting the water dispensers to dispense prune-shooters. 😂
  7. FalconAF

    Prepar3d Blurry ground textures

    You say you don't know what the zoom level is. When you press the "+" or "-" keys on your keyboard, you don't see a red-letter display in the upper RIGHT corner of your screen showing what zoom level you changed to using the keys? Should be the same sized red letters as shown in the upper left part of your screen picture above. But the zoom level will be shown in the upper right part of the screen. It should be enabled by default, so unless you manually turned it off in the .cfg file it should display when you use the plus or minus key. I'm looking at your above picture, and it sure looks like the default zoom setting of 1.00 to me if it's at Innsbruck. And those ORBX mountains are photoreal scenery, and with the direction of the picture they appear closer to you than they should. They are probably in an outer LOD radius area yet, and not being drawn at their highest resolution. At 1.00 zoom level, they will look "blurry".
  8. FalconAF

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Amazing. The above is why I DO make "information correction" type posts in forums. It's been over 24 hours since I posted the above. And not ONE PERSON has questioned it. The quoted part is "erroneous information" (that's what an Instructor (teacher) would call information that is FALSE). The correct information concerning flying an aircraft is "elevator controls AIRSPEED and throttle controls ALTITUDE". And that confuses the heck out of most new student pilots because it is totally backwards from what you use the "throttle" (gas pedal) in a car to do...increase or decrease speed. And nobody here questioned it. Amazing
  9. FalconAF

    NGX Auto ILS?

    Why do you think I was dissing FS Dream Team? All I was doing was pointing out another way a user could encounter wrong navigation info and used the FS Dream Team KLAS as the example. As you said, there are other developers who could cause the same problem. I was not criticizing anybody in particular. The two previous examples given in previous posts were not all-inclusive. You may have known that just like I did. But I'll guarantee you some less experienced flight simmers would not. So if they read my post, now they know it too. It's called how a forum can help people learn new things about the topic being discussed.
  10. FalconAF

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    We're arguing semantics. It's the same as the old discussion about "elevator controls altitude and throttle controls airspeed". That will always confuse some student pilots until they grasp the "WHY" it is that way. And even then, some experienced pilots will still say, "Well, not ALL the time...". But that doesn't mean a flight instructor will ever teach it the other way around while maintaining any credibility. Trim is used to relieve pressure the pilot may need to use on the yoke or stick to maintain a given attitude. You never use trim to "fly" the airplane from one attitude to another. It just doesn't work that way, and would never be taught that way by any credible instructor or flight school.
  11. FalconAF

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    If you are getting the lower frames while sitting in the cockpit right after the scenario loads, try going to Spot View and spinning around the airplane several times. If that increases your frame rates, it's a "gremlin" in the sim that doesn't load the outside scenery completely until you force it to by bringing it "into view" when you spin around the airplane in Spot View. It happens a lot if you also have the Dynamic Lights turned on in the Graphics settings, until you go to Spot View and spin around the aircraft several times. The airport you loaded for your scenario is trying to use it's dynamic lights (if it has them) and until you Spot View and spin around the airplane, your frame rates may be tanked.
  12. FalconAF

    Prepar3d Blurry ground textures

    What is the ZOOM setting in your Spot View in the picture? It looks like you are using a Zoom of more than say 0.60 - 0.70. You seem much closer to the airplane than that in the picture, and the scenery in the picture seems much closer than it normally would. This causes you to be trying to see far away LOD scenery generation drawn at a much lower resolution at a much closer distance than normal. The first thing I would do is make sure your Spot View is no more than about 0.60 - 0.70. Then see if everything is still blurry like it looks in the distance in your picture. The closest LOD radius to the aircraft where the highest texture resolutions ("non-blurry textures") will get "drawn" is not that large of a radius from the aircraft. If the above still confuses you, try this to understand it. Go to a scenery area where there are mountains in the distance. Then go to Spot View. Then zoom in your Spot View as much as you want to try to make those distant mountains get drawn "non-blurry". You can't. Regardless of how much you zoomed in, the sim will still only draw those mountains at the LOD level dictated by how far away from the airplane they are. Many "blurry texture" complaints are about scenery that the user is trying to see "clear" that is in a farther away LOD Radius location. That scenery will never get drawn "crystal clear" no matter what you do (until/unless you fly your aircraft close enough to it to get it inside the closest LOD Radius to the airplane). You can increase the LOD Radius level in the sim, but by doing that you also add to the strain on your hardware to draw the scenery at higher levels of detail farther away. And that just creates other issues. If scenery CLOSE to your aircraft is "blurry", PAUSE YOUR SIM (and wait a bit) to see what may be happening. If the scenery gradually gets drawn "more clear" while the sim is paused, it simply means your computer can't keep up with drawing the scenery as fast as you want it too with the scenery settings you are using WHILE you are flying (moving) over the scenery. You need to fly over the scenery at a slower speed, and/or turn down some of the scenery setting "demands" you are placing on your computer to draw the scenery at the level of detail you want it to with the aircraft you are flying at the time. Note: The list of things you said you have tried may actually be your problem right now (combined with a too zoomed in Spot View). Very, very few people can "max out" their scenery settings (like you say you have) and NOT get blurry textures when flying over the scenery...even in some SLOW airplanes. Start from scratch again. Change you scenery settings to "default", then see if you STILL have "blurry scenery" at a zoom level of 0.60 - 0.70 Spot View while flying over it. Look DOWN to see this...not 10 miles away in the scenery at a 1.00 zoom level.
  13. FalconAF

    NGX Auto ILS?

    As an aside, updating the base sim navigation data, along with using something like the Navigraph current AIRAC cycle, may NOT solve all your airport navigation problems. Numerous payware addon airports don't get updated when their ILS frequencies change, etc. My FS DreamTeam KLAS is STILL out of date for the ILS frequencies (and runway numbers for the new 8/26's), even after the new update for the Terminal D not long ago. The only way to fix these things in addon airports is for the user to make their own changes using something like ScruffyDuck's Airport Design Editor.
  14. FalconAF

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Sounds like it. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are saying you do. After you pull back on the yoke/joystick to raise the nose and begin your takeoff climb, you don't "let go" of the yoke and "start trimming" to stabilize the plane. That is exactly the WRONG thing to do. The autopilot is still disengaged, so YOU need to keep your hands on the controls and manually keep flying the airplane. You NEVER, NEVER use the trim wheel/button to try to get the airplane in a particular pitch attitude. NEVER. You HAND FLY the airplane to the pitch attitude you want to be in. Then, IF THERE IS ANY PRESSURE YOU HAVE TO HOLD AGAINST THE YOKE to maintain that pitch attitude, you use the TRIM to RELIEVE THE PRESSURE you have to hold on the yoke. Never, NEVER try to "fly the airplane" by using trim adjustments to do it. You will only end up chasing the nose up and down that way and your attitude achievement would just be "guessing what trim setting to use". Get into the attitude you want FIRST by hand-flying the airplane, THEN only use the trim to relieve the pressure you have to hold against the yoke to maintain the attitude. THEN you can "let go of the controls" and turn on the autopilot, etc. You would NEVER do what you said in your #3 above. Never let go fo the yoke first, then try to "fly the airplane" using trim adjustments. That is totally backwards. And to answer one other question you asked about WHY you would even want to use the correct trim setting..... In some aircraft the autopilot will NOT engage if the aircraft is "out of trim balance" to begin with. This is even correctly modeled in some of the PMDG aircraft (I think the 777...not sure about the 747). So if you are fighting the yoke by having to hold excessive pressure on it to maintain the nose attitude you want, you might not be able to even ENGAGE the autopilot until you set the trim correctly to relieve the pressure on the yoke. This is a SAFETY FEATURE built into the airplane's autopilot to prevent a lazy or distracted pilot from engaging the autopilot in a way out of trimmed aircraft configuration the autopilot would have to "fight" as soon as it was engaged. Hand flying an aircraft while using trim correctly is a BASIC requirement every pilot should be thoroughly familiar with. There is nothing that would indicate the LACK of knowledge and piloting skills of a pilot more than if they used TRIM to try to FLY the airplane, instead of the way it is supposed to be used. EDIT/ADD: Having said all of the above, the issue with our flight sims is that if we are not using a force feedback joystick or yoke, we may never feel the "out of trim" back pressures holding the joystick/yoke (it can depend on the centering qualities of the joystick/yoke, or how big of a "null zone" you may have set for your joystick/yoke, etc). And even some force feedback joysticks don't simulate it realistically. So in our sims we need to be more "visually aware" of an out of trim situation. If I "let go of my joystick" for a second, does the airplane change pitch attitude? Then the trim is not set correctly and needs to be adjusted. If the airplane maintains the attitude, then the trim is already set correctly. But if the airplane's attitude DOES change when I let go of the joystick, I don't then try to "make things right" using trim adjustments alone. I re-hold the joystick/yoke to manually fly/readjust the pitch attitude back to where I want it, then re-adjust the trim in the proper direction while still holding the joystick/yoke. You'll get the hang of it after some practice, but it is actually MORE DIFFICULT doing it in the sim without having the "pressure on the yoke/joystick feedback" you would feel in a real airplane.
  15. Wouldn't we all be upset if it was really a simulation of a flying pigeon? Still....I'd expect it to be a "study level" pigeon, with accurate aerodynamics and a 200-page manual on how to fly it.