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  1. FalconAF

    Inspector needed?

    What everybody never mentions in these threads is that your Screen Size and Type, and Screen Resolution plays a dramatic role in the amount of AA you "need" in P3D or nVidia Inspector. I don't use nVidia Inspector anymore. No need to because of the "screen" and "screen resolution" I use. I run P3Dv4 on my 65" Curved Samsung 4K UHD TV using the P3Dv4 resolution setting of 4096 x 2160 with one GTX1080 (not even a 1080ti) with an HDMI3 cable from the GPU to the TV. In P3D, FXAA is set to "Off", AA is set to (only!) 8MSAA, and Texture Filtering is set to Anisotropic 16x. Even on the 65" display, the 4K resolution setting negates any need for ANY SSAA-level settings in P3D (or SGSS settings in nVidia Inspector), while still allowing a P3D 16x Anisotropic setting (for things like photoreal coverage areas) without over-taxing any of my hardware (confirmed by watching my CPU and GPU percentages using Task Manager while running P3D). There are no "blurries" or "jaggies" requiring increased AA settings, for either the outside scenery or the gauges on cockpit displays, etc. And all this works while running P3Dv4 with the Texture Resolution set to 4096 x 4096, Dynamic Lighting enabled, using a PMDG aircraft, and having REX SkyForce, ActiveSky for P3D (both using 4096 textures), and a plethora of scenery addons set at their highest resolutions (ORBX, numerous complex addon airports, AI addons, etc). Recommendations for things like nVidia settings can not realistically be made UNTIL the Screen Size, Screen Type (4k or not?), and the in-sim Screen Resolution settings are determined...along with the available hardware used. There simply is not a "One Size Fits All" answer that exists.
  2. FalconAF

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    I do the same thing. I don't care that the Radar Contact guys cusses me out and takes my pilot's license away during the debriefing after I park. 😎 I still use the traffic zapper thing though in some instances. Primarily on the ground when I get behind an aircraft on a taxiway and it stops short of the runway but then will never get the tower to clear it for takeoff. This happens when the AFCAD file has the Hold Line for the runway short of where the ATC will ever issue takeoff clearance. In those cases, I zap the aircraft in front of me and taxi OVER the hold line until ATC will give me takeoff clearance (or "taxi into position and wait" onto the runway). And if you are like 4th in line, you will have to do it for EVERY aircraft in front of you...or else just taxi through all of them with your crash detection turned off. But you do get to see the interior of some nicely designed AI aircraft that way sometimes. 😁
  3. FalconAF

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    OK, my bad. Hazards of written communication. But your reply WAS after you quoted TWO issues in Jabloomf's post. Jabloomf said: 1. "But the fact that Vector doesn't recognize the add-on.xml method just emphasizes how out of date that Vector is." and.... 2. "I mean when is the "frozen water" bug going to be fixed?" Your reply wasn't clear that you were only responding to the second frozen water issue. I thought your reply was for BOTH issues. My apologies.
  4. FalconAF

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Yes, that's one of them I read before too. I couldn't locate it using the ORBX forum search tool. There was another post also where Nick also said something to the effect that PILOTS hadn't provided fixes for some reported issues for over a year.
  5. FalconAF

    New to p3dv4 and wondering something...

    Yes...no...and maybe. 😀 There are utility programs you can use that will allow you to start a series of simulator addons and other utilities in a sequence using a "one-click" method. But depending on the type of flying you want to do at the time...and what you are loading...it may actually cause you more grief than it is worth. If I was just going to be doing a "local area" flight with no flight plan taking me to a distant airport, then it would normally work. Sometimes not so much if I'm doing a more "complicated" flight with a complex aircraft, flightplan, and a series of other addons and utilities. For instance... This is the MANUAL order of how I start my P3D sessions using the "addons" I use (and why)...IF I am making a long(er) cross-country flight with a PMDG aircraft using a flight plan. I won't use a "one-click" loader for this: 1. I go to the online SimBrief site to create the flight plan. Then I save it in a PDF format to use (or I have to keep my web browser open to see it after I start P3D). After creating the PDF, I close my web browser. 2. Open the PDF flightplan file and minimize it to my taskbar. 3. Start LittleNavMap, load the saved flightplan to it, then minimize to taskbar. 4. Open Navigraph Charts, review the flight plan with the charts to identify any issues, then minimize it to the taskbar. 5. Open REX SkyForce, then minimize it to taskbar. 6. Open ActiveSky for P3D, then load the flightplan, review it in ActiveSky, then minimize it to taskbar. (NOTE: I only use SkyForce for some of the textures. I use ActiveSky for the weather engine and textures I don't use from SkyForce). 7. Open Radar Contact v4.2, load the flight plan, make any needed changes in the GUI for the flight, then minimize it to the taskbar. (NOTE: I don't START Radar Contact until well after P3D has finished loading and I am ready to get the Radar Contact Weather Briefing and Clearance for the flight. Radar Contact is not "running" already while P3D...or anything else...is still loading). 8. Open FS RealTime, then minimize it to the taskbar. Note I have FS RealTime set to NOT automatically start updates as soon as P3D loads. I also wait to start it manually like Radar Contact above. See below for why. 9. (Optional depending on my starting/destination airports): Start the LorbySI Remove Ai Sleepers program (so I won't get drowned in AI airplanes at someplace like London Heathrow as soon as P3D starts). 10. THEN I manually start P3D. Why not do all of the above using a "one-click utility" method? Because if I DID use that method, none of the addons that require I load a flightplan for the flight (LittleNavMap, ActiveSky, and Radar Contact) would get the flight plan loaded during the "one-click" process (I would have to manually load all of those flightplans anyhow AFTER I started the sim). And using a "one-click" method would cause many of the addons to start "doing stuff" as soon as P3D started...BEFORE my PMDG aircraft completed it's initial loading sequence (which takes 15 - 20 seconds depending on which PMDG aircraft I am using). I want the FIRST thing to happen when I start my P3D to be that P3D allows time for a full initialization of the PMDG aircraft, without anything ELSE happening in the sim (just like PMDG recommends...and that is why in #8 above I don't let FS RealTime start an automatic total reloading of the scenery, etc, to change the time in the sim until AFTER the PMDG aircraft is fully initialized. THEN I will MANUALLY "connect" FS RealTime and let it do it's thing). And if I can load the flightplans into all the addons that need them BEFORE starting P3d, review them before P3D starts, and amend anything needed then, I don't have to have my flying session already running to do all that after P3D loads. After my PMDG aircraft is fully initialized, then after FS RealTime reloads the scenery (if it does to change the time to where you are at in the sim world), THEN I can start the flight knowing that nothing has interfered with anything else loading...something that can EASILY happen if you are using a "one-click" loading process for multiple complex addons. There are simply certain combinations of addons that should not be "one-click" loaded using the utilities that we are talking about. Forums are loaded with "problem posts" about the flight sim or something like an addon aircraft not loading properly. The above is one of the many ways that can happen. Bottom line: The "one click loading utilities" will work a lot of times. But they can also bite you in the butt if you aren't careful using them. 🤣
  6. FalconAF

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    ADD TO ABOVE POST Before anyone goes bonkers, I am NOT "trashing" ORBX. My comments above are OBSERVATIONS...just like any reviewer would make when reviewing a product and posting a review about it. Do I think ORBX needs to do a TOTAL "fix" or "upgrade" of Vector? No. But if they aren't going to make SOME areas of it equal to the HIGHER quality vector data available in other payware products, then ORBX should at least provide me the ability to turn OFF the geographical areas I don't want Vector to try to cover for me. Vector has always been a hands-tying product. It forces the user to use ALL of it's vector data, even in areas where the user may already have HIGHER QUALITY vector data available (like the paid for data used by Ultimate Terrain, etc). So, if I want to use Vector's data for Africa, I have to NOT use Ultimate Terrain for North America, Europe, and every other UT area I already own. Not being able to do that is one of the main problems with Vector, and always has been. Allow the user to "turn off" separate areas of Vector so they can use higher quality vector data in other places of the world they already own. Then I'll gladly accept whatever level of "free, open source" vector quality Vector would display in Outer Mongolia and elsewhere outside of my Ultimate Terrain coverage areas. 😎
  7. FalconAF

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    LMAO! OK, let's make sure we clarify it. I said, "The way I read the ORBX moderator posts in the ORBX forum, ORBX has given up on Vector and Pilot's". I agree in restrospect that may have been worded poorly. 1. ORBX itself has not "given up" on providing support for Vector. And I would certainly hope not, in as much as they still sell Vector on their OWN commercial site used for all ORBX products now (using FTX Central). And they HAVE to now...because if you go to the PILOTS website, Vector isn't even a product available from PILOTS anymore. PILOTS obviously abandoned it. How or why that happened, I can't say for sure. But obviously PILOTS doesn't provide the product Vector anymore, nor provide support for it anymore (Stephan hasn't been seen in the ORBX forums for a LONG time now). So yes...ORBX now provides "support" for Vector (the ORBX forums are still full of support request posts for it). But ORBX can't even get support from PILOTS anymore for Vector. THAT IS WHAT ORBX HAS GIVEN UP ON...getting any future support from PILOTS, both in "fixes" or "upgrades" to Vector. And I have not seen anything indicating ORBX plans on doing it for Vector. ORBX seems totally happy that the product works "as is" with all of the other ORBX products. There seems to be no incentive to "fix" any/all the vector anomalies that exist in Vector caused by the "open source" quality of the vector data used. 2. I just did a search of the ORBX forums looking for the post(s) where some of the moderators DID say ORBX was unable to get PILOTS support for Vector anymore (Nick made one of those posts in the past). Interestingly, I can't find "those" posts anymore. So I would be really interested if someone made a new post asking about it in the ORBX forums (like DJJose suggested in his above post). What would happen if someone asked if PILOTS is ever going to upgrade or "fix" the Vector database anomalies? Or "upgrade" Vector? Or is ORBX actually planning on doing it? That was SPECIFICALLY PROMISED in the past by both PILOTS and ORBX...but has yet to happen (will it ever?). As ShawnG said in his post that I quoted, the "work arounds" ORBX used in the past to make Vector work with ORBX's OWN region products won't work anymore due to P3D changes. So, what is in store for the future? It appears ORBX is leaning towards developing products now that won't require ANY "outside" vector graphics support. Like True Earth. They announced they will be using True Earth technology for the U.S. eastern seaboard area. Not a typical ORBX region that would include it's own vector scenery. They just released True Earth southern England for X-Plane (with a P3D and probably even an AF2 one to follow shortly) that requires no separate vector graphics support. "PILOTS" Vector is being supported with ORBX "band aid" fixes today. Either PILOTS dumped Vector and left ORBX high and dry, or ORBX dumped PILOTS and got stuck with Vector and no further support from PILOTS for it. And it appears it is on the road to complete abandonment by ORBX for use in future ORBX products. ORBX still needs to "support" it because it is still marketed as (sic) "...the vector product used by ORBX for all of our developed products...". But that appears to apply to PREVIOUS ORBX releases, and not the direction ORBX is taking with their new releases. And please don't say that future Open Landclass releases prove that is wrong. ORBX even says in their own forum that Vector is not a requirement to use any OpenLC product. If any of my assumptions are incorrect, I will gladly retract them if an ORBX official clarifies the future of the Vector product. Will there be fixes to the free open source data that have been reported by the users of Vector (errors in the data even in North America and Europe)? Will there be updates to Vector as a whole? Or will it remain a worldwide "open source" level of data product that is not as accurate as other payware vector products? Yes...I know that there is not "payware quality" vector data for the WHOLE world. And that it would not be feasible for anyone to try to get payware quality vector data for the whole world. But implying Vector's data is "as good as" some other payware vector products that DID pay for higher quality data for places like North America and Europe areas is absurd.
  8. FalconAF

    End It All

    You really, really, really don't need one anymore (assuming you aren't still running your flight sim using Vista as your OS). Seriously. Open Task Manager in Windows and see how many "Background Processes" you have running. If it is over about 50, you can use the default Windows Startup utility to stop a bunch of stuff from automatically starting every time you boot your computer. Things like 3rd party programs that have NOTHING to do with your flight sim...or any other normal day-to-day activities you do on your computer. You don't need a dozen different programs running automatic update checks all day long. You don't need MOST of the third party software "stuff" that get's installed as "automatic startup" on your computer. Start those things only when you NEED to use them. Windows today will handle it's OWN processes very well nowadays so they won't interfere with your flight sim session. You don't need to be enabling/disabling Windows processes anymore to have a good flight simming experience. If you insist on using a 3rd party utility, download CCleaner (free version is all you need). It has a section that will display the Startup List of your computer. Just use CCleaner to "disable" all the stuff you shouldn't be starting to begin with. Plus you can use CCleaner for all the other tasks it provides to keep your computer running "clean". If you haven't been doing routine computer maintenance in the past, don't be surprised when after running the CCleaner Analysis of your computer the first time, you discover you have over 50 Gigabytes of "junk" sitting on your main OS SSD drive. 😂
  9. FalconAF

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    The above. It's no secret. Even the ORBX forum moderators in the past have said they get no response from Pilot's about promised updates to Vector for well over the past year. I gave up on it long ago and still use every Ultimate Terrain product I had purchased long before Vector was even available. The Vector "source data" has always been an "open source" database, and in the places the Ultimate Terrain covers is nowhere near as accurate. There are still way too many "holes" in Vector in places like North America and Europe. Granted, UT doesn't cover the "entire world" with vector graphics, but I can live with that. For me, I'm flying a flight simulator for the airplane experience, not a watered-down version of Google Maps for the "perfect scenery representation" that will never happen in Outer Mongolia to begin with. The open source (read: FREE) data Vector uses for outside of North America and Europe isn't all that impressive to begin with, and is nowhere near as good as the "paid for" data used by the Ultimate Terrain products.🙂 Plus, as others have already mentioned, Vector is a memory hog. Not necessarily an issue if you are now using a 64-bit flight sim, but even then the "footprint" of Vector in your flight sim is way too high for todays software standards, and it CAN still cause problems. The way I read the ORBX moderator posts in the ORBX forum, ORBX has given up on Vector and Pilot's. They don't even want to talk about it anymore. And it's interesting that the new True Earth products don't rely on a vector addon to begin with. Hmmmm. And it was only a few short years ago that anybody who used photoreal scenery was considered an "outcast" by many flight sim enthusiasts. How times change. Now if we can just get LM to fix the "restriction" issue they have imposed in P3D affecting photoscenery…… 😎 😉
  10. FalconAF

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    And that's exactly why every Network Administration Department in the civilian and military sector has BACKUPS of their ENTIRE computer systems. Because most END USERS themselves won't take the time or acquire the knowledge to do them for their own computer(s). I know. I did IT for over 40 years. The only thing that saved many of my "customers" was the backups of their client computers (the computers on their own desks) I had made as their Network Administrator. Quit getting mad at the software providers. Computers are not...and never will be...perfect, error free systems. Given enough time and opportunity, things WILL go wrong. If an individual home computer user is too darn lazy to make their own backups of their computers to begin with, they should throw the computer out the window and go back to using typewriters and playing Pong on their black-and-white TV's. Their isn't a commercial user of Windows 10 using Network Administration oversight that would have been permanently affected by the October Update. They ALL would have had backups that would allow them to recover any and ALL deleted user's documents content.
  11. You forgot rain, trains, prisons, gettin' drunk, and Mama. And no...you don't have to call me darlin'...darlin'. You never even called me by my name. (If anybody reading this is under 30 years old and only listens to rap music, this post will make absolutely no sense to you...…..) 😎 Edit: (But if you're curious, you'll need to watch this whole video, particularly from about the 3:00 minute point to the end of it).
  12. FalconAF

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    That's the real, logical, personal financial reason not to pay a subscription fee for it.
  13. FalconAF

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    Not sure if your comment is positive or negative as far as Windows and nVidia is concerned, but either way it reflects the lack of knowledge and understanding by people who criticize Windows and nVidia for the "problems" they cause themselves. 1. Windows 10 is/was Microsoft's move to making the OS an "App" platform. It's a direct response to the way Apple's OS's work for their users. It's an industry move that makes sense because of the CURRENT user base of home computer users. We are a dying breed. The current generation uses apps, apps, apps on platforms that allow that. Nobody with an iPhone or iPad needs to understand ANYTHING about installing a piece of software (or making it "run right") other than "Click here to install our App!" Give an average teenager a home computer running Windows now and tell them to install a flight simulator on it, and you'd get the deer in the headlights look with "Why? That's way too hard. Where's the app for it?" (It's also why somebody like LM doesn't make P3D compatible with an Apple computer. The "app" community would never buy it in sufficient quantity to make it worth while) 😂 2. Home computer PC user's for the MOST part do NOT have the background (experience) nor the technical expertise (education) to maintain their OWN computers at the same level of operation/maintenance/performance an IT or Network Operations department for a civilian or military department would provide for the end-users. Windows 10 was developed to work the way it does to try to provide the AVERAGE home computer user the same services as an IT department...update the user's drivers, software, "applications", etc...AS NEEDED. But the key words there are still AS NEEDED. Heck, while I was doing IT on some of the worlds most highly classified networks, we would NOT just arbitrarily update hardware drivers across the entire network on everybody's desktop they were using JUST BECAUSE a new driver came out from the driver manufacturer. New drivers are released FOR A REASON by the manufacturer, and they do not need to be updated UNLESS the end user has THAT REASON to do so. 3. So, why did Microsoft "force" automatic driver updates on it's Windows 10 users? Because MOST home computer users would NOT suffer from a driver update even if they DIDN'T need it. BUT THAT IS BECAUSE most HOME computer users using Windows 10 do NOT use graphics intensive software "apps" like our flight sims, let alone "professional level, high demand" CAD programs that are "commercial quality" that would be found in a commercial network environment overseen by a professional IT department. They use the computer for social networking, email, or the "apps" that come included with the OS. But when (if) they start loading up their computer with things like high intensity "games" or graphics programs, they then NEED TO KNOW how to maintain their OWN computer in ways OTHER than the way Microsoft intended Windows 10 to do it FOR them. That is where we all as flight sim users are. We should NEVER be just updating our computer drivers willy-nilly just because a new one comes out. It may work for SOME of us, but it will NEVER work for ALL of us at the same time. There are just too many different hardware/software home computer configurations out there. No one driver update would EVER work on ALL of those different configurations (like it would work on a Network controlled by an IT department where ALL the desktop computers on it were running (for the most part) the same hardware and software, with required user maintenance FORCED on the end user by the IT department...whether the end user liked it or not). 4. Now, here is the real BS about people complaining about Windows 10 "screwing up our flight sims". You CAN turn off the automatic driver updates in Windows 10. You ALWAYS COULD do that...from the very first day Windows 10 was released. Any IT department or professional Network Administrator knew that, and how to do it. So, why doesn't the "flight sim Windows 10 complainer" just do it too? Sorry, but it's because they DON"T know how to use their OS properly, and aren't willing (or capable? or just lazy?) of learning how to do it. So they post their opinions about Windows 10 being "crap" as a "fact", which is a reflection on THEIR lack of knowledge and understanding about their own computer use, and in no way is a FACTUAL representation of the operating system itself. Opinions are not facts. Never have been, and never will be. There is nothing inherently wrong with Windows 10 as an OS, nor nVidia drivers/updates. It is up to the end user to know how to use them properly, especially if the end user can't be "baby-sitted" by a professional IT department watching over their computers for them.
  14. FalconAF

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    Maybe. Maybe not. You see...I did most of my IT jobs in the military, working on lots of classified networks, while under a separate legal system called the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Which under many circumstances made the equivalent of a civilian misdemeanor a full blown felony in the Air Force. So...if I didn't do my job correctly (or "sluffed off" in learning how to do it correctly), I could get Courts-Martialed and become a convicted felon for the rest of my life. There's a big difference between a civilian telling their boss to "Go To H*ll" and a military member doing the same thing. At worst, the civilian gets fired. The military member can go to jail and be a convicted felon for the rest of their life. So yeah...I get "annoyed" when people present or substitute personal opinions as "facts". There's been a LOT of that taking place in the forums lately. And...in my OPINION...AVSIM needs to start calling people out on it. Letting it continue just reduces the credibility of the forum overall. If a flight sim user comes to a forum to get answers, the answers should be based on facts...not opinions from technically unqualified responders, or users who blame developers (or anyone else) for problems they are causing themselves on their own computers.
  15. FalconAF

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    And it's also what separates opinions from facts. Bravo 2. 👍