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  1. The home computer as a gaming platform is going the way of the dodo bird. Microsoft is turning the Windows computer into a Mac clone for the home computer user (not necessarily for the commercial IT department though, where there ARE professional people who will know how to "make it work" for that type of environment). Apps this, Apps that, Everybody Use Your Apps (which IT professionals can also "push" to the end-users in commercial environments). The average home computer end user isn't (and usually won't get) educated enough to perform their own System Maintenance to keep their computer running properly, so MS is taking it out of the hands of the end-user and making it automated like with the current Windows Updates (when WAS the last time you "cleaned" out your temp files, browser history, and did software updates for your OS, drivers, and "programs" you have installed? When was the last time you updated your Motherboard's BIOS? (I can hear people saying, "Oh No!!! That's too dangerous to do!!!") When was the last time (or ANY time for that matter) you made sure even the DEFAULT MS security program Windows Defender was set up correctly to not "real time scan" ALL of your "game related files" while you are using them?). "Games" are being pushed to "consoles" now. X-Boxes etc are the future "gaming machines" (along with VR headsets and environments). Heck, even our historically stand-alone installed flight sims are being pushed to online "cloud" services (aka: Steam-ish). Install FSX from Steam and it manages everything about the simulator for you...updates, etc. All you have to do is "play" it. And I can't blame Microsoft one bit for doing it. I spent over 30 years in professional IT management and Systems Security. The end-user is the weakest link in computer use. We have a saying in IT..."NEVER place your system security in the hands of the end user!!! They simply WON'T do what is needed to protect the network." And for most end users, that is true. And it is still very prevalent in our "dedicated" flight sim user base. You don't believe me? Ask yourself this...... WHY are so many people having "problems" with Windows 10? If it was THAT BAD, the commercial IT user base would be trashing it publically and Microsoft would be on the defensive like all the people being accused of sexual harassment on the Internet now. MS would be getting lambasted from the PROFESSIONAL community. But they AREN'T. That should tell you where the REAL problems are when you go to non-professional forums where the end users are saying things like "Windows Sucks and broke my computer!!!" Sorry, but if a majority of flight sim users ARE getting their sims to work using Windows 10...and you AREN'T...it isn't the OS that is the problem. I made a VERY good living pay-wise for over 30 years "helping" Windows users who weren't capable of helping themselves. Sorry, but that's the real truth.
  2. And there is one other thing I notice in the posts in this whole thread. Many people have not "moved forward" with their thought processes about hardware upgrading today as opposed to the past. And that is sad, and just causing massive confusion and VERY BAD advice from some people. Yes, in the past with FSX, it usually made MORE sense to upgrade your CPU instead of your GPU. Why? Because FSX was mostly CPU intensive. It was NEVER programmed to use your GPU extensively. A faster CPU gave much more improved performance than a faster GPU. Not anymore. With P3D today, much of the previous FSX CPU rendering HAS been moved to the GPU (along with NEW visuals, like....Dynamic Lighting). Yet we see SOOOOO many people here with maxed out CPU systems and still using a GTX980 or GTX1070....or even "just" a regular ol' GTX1080. Heck...the difference between a GTX1080 vs a GTX1080ti us HUGE today when it comes to P3Dv4. And the difference between a 1080ti and a 980 or 1070 is....well, if somebody doesn't understand what it REALLY is concerning their P3D performance....oh well. You need the hardware that will run the program the way the program is designed. Today with P3D, that means BOTH a current CPU AND the fastest darn GPU you can find. If you are still using 980's and 1070's, that will be part of your problems. You won't come anywhere near the performance of someone using a 1080ti, because P3D today is designed to utilize the GPU. The fastest one you can install.
  3. Ahem Not to toot my own horn, but I was the first one to notice this worked in the FSX days. I posted it in the NickN forums, and Phil Taylor noticed it and posted it in his personal blog for FSX. THAT is how it became the "must do" recommendation for FSX long ago. And why I said in my original post (way back in this thread) it's be a recommendation for a "long time". Yes...it still works in P3D, probably for the same ESP reasons vgbaron stated. (Edit: OK, I did toot my own horn. But sorry. It's not anybody else's fault if you weren't aware of a "recommended action" in flight simming that HAS been around for darn near 10 years now).
  4. No, it won't. Anybody who is having this "problem" is doing something drastically wrong during the original purchase download of the INSTALLERS, or the extraction of the software FILES during the program INSTALLATION. They are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. I have NUMEROUS Flight1 software products installed in my P3Dv4.1. I have NO folders ANYWHERE on my C: drive with any Flight1 files in them...including the License files. I have either told the downloaders to put them somewhere else other than my C: drive during the download or extraction, or I have moved them myself after they were downloaded to the "default" C:\Flight One Software folder (if one was created). There is NO reason you need to have Flight One Software folders or files ANYWHERE on your C: drive. If you do, you have forced it to be that way yourself somehow.
  5. J van E, I can never figure out why you have so many problems that others never experience. Whatever. But..... I have been using Flight1 products for years, going back to FS9 days. I have numerous ones installed on my computer right now running in P3Dv4. I have NO Flight1 folder ANYWHERE on my C: drive. You can ALWAYS tell the installers to use another location. ALL of my license files are located on other drives, either put there during installation or moved there manually by myself. As others have also already stated in this thread. Are you confusing the downloaded INSTALLERS getting placed on the C: drive vs where the actual PROGRAM is installed after you run the installer? WHAT are you doing that causes all the drama in your various posts?
  6. The 59 setting is something that started way back when people started using the TripleHead2Go (TH2G) setup for 3-wide monitor configurations. One GPU plugged into a 3-way converter that had 3 connections, one for each monitor. Especially on the Digital TH2G, setting the refresh rate to 59 instead of the default 60 Hz worked wonders. I used it for many years on a 24" 3-wide monitor setup. But that was when almost all monitors were only capable of 60 Hz maximum. Obviously, for some setups even today, it may help some people. But as mentioned already, if you are using a144 Hz 4K monitor, why would you even WANT to do it? Something else is wrong with your setup if you need to reduce a 4K monitor, or non-60Hz one, to a 59 Hz refresh rate.
  7. Does it STAY at 30 FPS when you go back to the Cockpit View? When you start taxiing the aircraft and the view out the cockpit window starts changing? When you are flying? If you switch views BACK to Spot View and start spinning around the aircraft again? If no, you haven't solved whatever the REAL problem is yet.
  8. First Thing: Dynamic Lighting has not been "fixed" in P3Dv4.1. Anybody who thinks it has hasn't read the release notes for the upgrade. LM even said (in other venues) it wasn't addressed in the v4.1 update. Second Thing: If you don't understand why panning around your aircraft "works" to reduce INITIAL stutters, etc, you are probably a relatively new flight sim user and/or don't understand how "scenery" and "graphics" get loaded into your simulator for display. Panning around your aircraft after initial loading of the sim has been a valid recommendation for a LONG time, well before anything to do with Dynamic Lighting. It is one of the FIRST things you should do after loading the sim to help determine if you are over-taxing your hardware capabilities with slider settings that are too high (autogen density, radius, AI Traffic, texture resolutions like 4096, etc) and things like anti-aliasing value settings, etc . Just because your aircraft loaded at it's location does NOT mean that all the scenery around it you COULD see if you were looking in a given direction has been loaded into your memory yet (ie - is READY to be displayed by your CPU or GPU). By going to Spot View and "spinning the view around", you THEN force your computer to "make room" for all the pretty "stuff" you want to see in a DIFFERENT VIEW from your aircraft. Depending on your computer's hardware capabilities, it will probably have to UNLOAD some stuff from memory (scenery stuff farther away from your aircraft after it's initial loading), THEN it can load all those 4096 addon airport buildings you added to the sim. How do you know if your computer can handle your current settings? If after spinning around your aircraft about 5 times maximum, if you CAN'T keep spinning WITHOUT stutters or pauses, you need to turn stuff down or off, because you are asking your computer to do things it simply can't keep up with doing. Dynamic Lighting (especially with a complex aircraft like a PMDG at a complex airport with too much AI) just adds to the workload. The SAME THING is what causes stuttering, frame pauses and freezes, etc when you are flying and switching views too often. Your computer will have to (in many cases) UNload stuff from memory to LOAD NEW stuff into memory to display it. Going back and forth from Cockpit View to Spot View to Tower View to (insert view here) will constantly force your computer to unload/reload "scenery" into memory (note I'm not only talking about your main RAM, but also the "processing memory" of a GPU). This is what contributed to Out Of Memory errors in earlier 32-bit sim versions that could only use 4GB of system RAM memory. But it STILL exists in 64-bit sims too. Even though you won't get an OOM in a 64-bit sim, your hardware still has to be able to GET and DISPLAY new scenery from memory in a TIMELY manner (like what the GPU has to get and process in IT'S OWN memory after getting it from the system's RAM memory), or else you will STILL get stutters, frame pauses and freezes, and low FPS (FPS being only a benchmark number and totally misunderstood by most flight sim users placing way to much importance on it). So, if you load your sim, then go to Spot View and "spin around" until all stutters/pauses stop, THEN go back to Cockpit view and start moving the aircraft, THEN the stutters/pauses start again and FPS go down the crapper, you are STILL asking the computer to do more than it can keep up with. It's your "slider settings" in most cases then. You are simply going to have to upgrade your hardware or turn down some of the "eye candy" stuff. And in some (many?) cases...even if you already HAVE the latest and greatest hardware...learn how OTHER things running on your computer can "hose" your flight sim from running OK (is your antivirus program checking EVERY FILE in your flight sim in "real time" when your flight sim is running? Have you EXCLUDED your flight sim folder(s)...and other addon folders for programs like weather, AI Traffic, whatever your sim also uses...from "real time" virus scanning, etc?). EDIT: To be sure, there is absolutely NO REASON you should have to pan around your airplane in Spot View for 2 - 3 MINUTES to get things to work correctly. FIVE SPINS around the aircraft MAXIMUM should load EVERYTHING in the entire 360-degree view you could spin through. If it takes MINUTES of spinning, you have a much different problem with your sim and/or computer. And in the case of this thread, it is STILL most likely related to the use of the Dynamic Lighting that doesn't work correctly yet (with other than default aircraft LM included in the sim, AND possibly addon airports that aren't "playing nice" with Dynamic Lighting yet either). My apologies for the length of my post, but some of the "solutions" presented in this thread are ludicrous.
  9. If the new shader product will truly be dynamic, it will be a game changer. The thing I don't like now about all the various shader addons (freeware or payware) is you can't get both a day and night shader preset configuration to work without having to restart the sim for separate presets. Makes flying flights that overlap those time frames a pain in the *ss now.
  10. You have it totally backwards. "We" here are not the primary user target of LM's P3D product. We are the paying beta testers for a product designed for commercial users, including both civilian and military. THOSE users will use P3D for what it IS designed to be...a SCENARIO TRAINING simulator product. Which is much different than any of us wanting to load TONS of addons covering the whole darn world all at the same time. Think something like the DCS military product line. They have a dedicated Red Flag product for the Nevada Test Range that Nellis AFB uses to train fighter pilots in dedicated scenarios. When running a separate, dedicated scenario like that, there is absolutely no need to be loading ANYTHING in the simulator anywhere ELSE in the world. So a geographically LOCALIZED training scenario would only contain a much lesser number of XML entries for it to work than the plethora of scenery, aircraft, etc, etc stuff we are trying to load all at once in our P3D's. The commercial users will have numerous separate SCENARIOS they will load, but only one at a time for the geographical area it is located along with only the vehicles used in the scenario. The number of XML files in those scenarios will be much smaller than what most of us are loading (or want to load) all at the same time in our P3D's. LM knows exactly what they are doing. It doesn't have to make us happy 'cos we aren't their primary end-users. And I can live with that, 'cos I finally have a 64-bit flight sim with developers making a LOT more addons for it than any previous 64-bit flight sim.
  11. 30+ years doing professional IT Systems Security (retired now). Norton has always been a VERY AGGRESSIVE anti-virus program, designed more for a commercial user or a network administration role. It has ALWAYS caused problems for the home computer "gaming community" simply because of it's design...it will flag and prevent the type of files we "gaming" and simulation users need to run in our sims...such as .EXE files and others that a commercial network environment would not want allowed to run outside of what was authorized by the network administrators. As for Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, and CCleaner (and others that are typical), if you are running Windows 10 and Defender, you do not need these running "real time" anymore. Microsoft finally got it right with Defender in Windows 10. But what you may STILL want to do is have them installed on your computer and run each of them MANUALLY at least once a month (don't run them "live" or they will conflict with Defender and each other). Defender will prevent the serious malware stuff from getting you in real-time, but won't necessarily stop the "harassment" stuff that will still accumulate on your computer...tracking cookie stuff to target advertisements, etc you don't want either. Run Malwarebytes, Spybot, and CCleaner once a month to "clean" that stuff out and keep your computer from becoming "bloated" with it. And I'm sure some will disagree with me, and that's OK if they want to, but you should run the CCleaner Registry Cleaner too. Just make sure you choose "Create a Backup" first when asked...just in case you might end up with a corrupted registry (I've never needed any of the backups it created to "save" a corrupted registry after running the cleaner...CCleaner has never caused a corrupted registry for me). You would be amazed how much "junk entries" you end up with in your Windows Registry just from your everyday use of your computer. And NO...Windows never has been...and still isn't...very good at keeping an up-to-date CLEAN registry all by itself.
  12. Some of you are making this harder than it needs to be, and claiming things that can/can't be done with certain planners. You can easily (even more easily than already mentioned) avoid FIRs using SimBrief. And there is no reason to have to "manually" go to the FlightAware website first to find the non-FIR route. To the right of the "recommended" route SimBrief will first give you (the one that may not avoid the FIRs) there is a link to FlightAware (and other online flightplan generators). Just click on that link. It will then AUTOMATICALLY use your starting and ending airports you chose in SimBrief to "search" FlightAware for the most current flight plan used between those airports. No FIRs violations will be included in the plan then, as it's a replication of the real world flightplan from FlightAware as if you manually did the search there yourself. Then just "compile" the plan in SimBrief (a 1 mouse-click action). SimBrief will do almost everything all the other planners mentioned here will do. And it's free. (If you are nice, you can send the developer a small donation). I'm sure other users love their payware flight planners. That's fine. But I'm gonna use the free one that does all the same things, without having to jump around to different websites to do it to begin with. And keep in mind, the OP asked about planners for the PMDG aircraft. Not every other aircraft developed or available for flight simming. When taken in THAT context (the way I originally responded to the question), SimBrief is the no-brainer solution. Oh...did I mention it's also free? YMMV EDIT: JohnnyCrockett and I just cross-posted. What he said is the same thing I just said. The OP's original question asked about PMDG flight planning. He uses SimBrief for that for the same reasons I do and recommended it. Stay on topic in the responses to an OP's questions, or you'll just confuse all the newbies reading these type of recommendation threads.
  13. For my PMDG aircraft flights, I switched to using this: https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php Too many (and I mean MANY) reasons to list here, but some of the main ones for my PMDG use are: 1. Creating flight plans are a breeze. Enter departure and arrival airports, aircraft type (from a LARGE list of selectable aircraft), and other optional stuff (if desired...not mandatory), then click Create Plan. If you don't like the FIRST one the SimBrief interface creates, you can one-click with your mouse for current real world flight plans from places like FlightAware, etc, and it will automatically list those and let you select those instead. But I rarely have to use that, as the first one SimBrief creates is usually spot-on. 2. Once you accept a plan, you can save it in PMDG format (and MANY other formats) for instant loading as a "Company Route" in your PMDG FMC. You can also download the accompanying weather file to use in the B777 if you want. You can ALSO save the plan as a .PLN file for something like Active Sky to use. The list of possible formats you can download covers most major addon developers products. 3. The flight plan "printout" (shown on screen) contains just about ANY information you may want for your FMC usage after loading the Company Route plan. Such as a recommended Cost Index, Winds Aloft for your flight, etc (all of these things can be manually entered in the FMC using different values if you want). It is SO much easier for me and my PMDG use than using my other "stand alone" flight planners now. It won't "do it all" for you, but you can amend anything you want after loading the created Company Route plan in the FMC. If nothing else, register (free) at the site and read about it, then try creating some plans. You may get hooked on using it for PMDG use like I did. EDIT: Also, if you have a Navigraph subscription, it will use your CURRENT database for planning flights.
  14. I agree. But here's my disagreement with the part of your post I originally quoted. You list yourself in big, red letters under your forum name as a "Reviewer". Then shouldn't you review the product for what it was INTENDED for? Not what YOU WISH it was "out of the box"? Everything you said about P3Dv4 that made YOU unhappy was OUTSIDE the scope of the DEFAULT product as sold to the consumer. Would you review a Volkswagen as an Indy Car, ready to race in the Indy 500, just because the forum you were doing the "review" in had Volkswagen users who were trying to use their Volkswagen as an Indy Car?
  15. You are still missing the point. P3D was and is designed and marketed as a "professional training scenario simulator". What NEEDED to be "fixed" in it before it could ever be REASONABLY marketed to commercial or military training agencies was the 32-bit platform. It had to go to a 64-bit platform so it could be a RELIABLE simulator without constant OOM's, etc. THAT could (and was) done without having to upgrade any "graphics", "flight dynamics", or any of the other things you mentioned. The CORE PLATFORM of P3D was changed to 64-bit. THEN, third-party developers could USE that NEW core platform to develop BETTER and MORE ACCURATE addons, like "flight dynamcis", "engine modeling" (think PMDG products), etc. But the KEY is NO developer SHOULD have to make a "world wide addon" product for P3D. No commercial or military training user will EVER use P3D for a world-wide scenario. They will use it in a much, much smaller geographic area, with a LIMITED number of vehicles specific to that particular scenario they are training. "We", on the other hand, want instant gratification for the WHOLE P3D product world wide "out of the box". That's not gonna happen. There is no way LM is going to upgrade the entire world in P3D the way some people think they should in this thread. It will be by "us" purchasing third party addons made for OTHER THAN how a commercial or military "addon" would be made for a specific scenario. The "Army" training tacticians could care less how many leaves the tank drivers could count on the trees around the tanks. They want the tank drivers to be able to see other tanks and be able to make tactical decisions that will let them kill those OTHER tanks and not their tanks. "Look at all the pretty scenery" doesn't have a damned thing to do with that. Neither would "Look at all the pretty whales" while a pilot is making a landing on an aircraft carrier.