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  1. neffets

    C-130 ILS Issues

    But I observe an ILS calibration error ILS Approach on RWY 22 at EDDC ILS frequ 109,7 direction 219 but HSI and course selector at 219 course deviation shows 222 I put my airplain at the beginning of RWY 22, the compass card shows 222 too Using other Airplains at the same position course are absolut correct 219
  2. Yes all engine generators are connected, AC Power switch to AC-BUS and DC-powerswitch to DC-Bus
  3. After Engine start or during flight suddenly the Radio panle and Autopilot panol shuts down. It is not possible to tune VHF, VNAV and ADF in the radio panle and not possinle to power on the autopilot panel I am using 2D mode and both panels in singel windows. All othe panels are using well