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P3Dv4 stuttering when aircraft battery is turned off

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I just recently changed my motherboard to a newer model. Afterwards I configured everything to where I had it before (talking about my bios settings). But in my sim something weird keeps happening. Whenever I select my usual aircraft (carenado S550), I can move my joysticks hat around and I get smooth frames. But whenever I select cold and dark option in the aircraft, or if I manually turn off the battery, my frames still remain high but my screen stutters. This has never happened to me before. I have vsync on so my frames should not go above 60 since that is my screens refresh rate but oddly enough it’s jumping above 60fps. Whenever I turn vsync off it doesn’t make a difference. Now when I turn my battery back on the stuttering on my screen slowly fades away and returns back to smooth again. It’s just about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me with simming. I thought it was my graphics card because after installing new mobo I updated the graphics driver and got bad stuttering with high frames so I rolled back the driver but no luck. This is a real head scratcher but any help would be appreciated as always. Thanks.

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update: I have uninstalled P3D completely and reinstalled (also upgrading to 4.2 in the process). I also uninstalled all of my scenery add-ons to narrow down the process. My sim bare bones with no third party scenery or aircraft is having the same stuttering issues. So I’m super puzzled now.

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