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SIOC monitor not working

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Hello All,

I'm trying to build my Opencockpits setup, but I have stuck at the beginnings, which drives me crazy. SIOC recognizes the USB expansion card, but SIOC monitor don't - the window is blank. I had a lot of difficulties with windows 10 before (especially with flightsim hardwares), so I think it is a windows issue too. 

I have tried the following:

- disable energy saving for this USB device through a registry hack (worked with Saitek Radio panel)
- tried to use another master card
- tried to connect master card to another connector on usb expansion card
- disabled the firewall 
- tried to run as administrator
- tried compatibility mode (win 8, 7, XP, nothing worked)
- tried to reboot, change usb port, uninstall-reinstall SIOC
- tried different versions of SIOC (5.x, currently 6.0 B8)
- tried different versions of SIOC monitor (1.0, 1.4, currently 2.0)
- tried to combine SIOC and SIOC monitor versions

Now I'm out of ideas. Is anybody encountered with this already..?


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Hi Guys,

I have found a temporary solution: if I start SIOC on another PC on the network, then SIOC monitor begun to work again on the first PC. This suggests the problem is somewhere in Windows 10 networking. I will dig deeper later on. Sidenote: always check IOCP Server host address. At first SIOC always wanted to get IP from Virtualbox adapter, so I had to disable it, but this isn't solved the original problem.


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