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New Home Cockpit Build - Multi Monitor Setup

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I am hoping some experienced home cockpit builders would review my plans and questions (listed below), and provide some insight regarding a multiple monitor setup, so I know what to purchase. I am trying to avoid making any costly mistakes...

I’ve been buying hardware to start my home Cockpit Build for P3D.

Please note that I have too much invested in Add-ons for P3D, so I am not considering Xplane at this time.

In recent months I've invested in the following:

  • Intel 8700K PC running at 5GHZ / Nvidia 1080 Ti / SSDs
  • Brunner CLS-E Yoke
  • Javiator Com1 / Nav 1
  • Javiator Transponder
  • Replaced my very old CH Pedals with Saitek Combat pedals
  • CH Throttle Quadrant (temporary due to budget constraints)
  • Various switch panels
I have been working in CAD to design the panel and cutouts for a Cessna 310R
Instruments will be a combination of:
• Air Manager running on PC with a single 17” LED monitor for co-pilot’s side gauges
• Flight Illusion instruments for pilot’s side gauges
• Javiator complete radio stack
• Eventually a GNS530???
For visuals:
• 65” LG TV as the primary display
• Pair of 32” monitors for left and right wing views
• 17” monitor for co-pilot’s gauges
So regarding graphics:
- Can I run the front view and both wing views on a single 1080 Ti? Or should I consider getting another 1080 Ti and run SLI?
- Can I run the AirManger monitor via one of the 1080 Ti cards? (I read that all monitors have to be the same resolution in P3D, not sure if that’s true?)
Note: I do not want to run AirManger on iPad. I’d rather spend money on another 1080 Ti than an iPad, and run AirManger for PC instead
- Should I get a budget PC to run my gauges over a network?
Thank you in Advance 
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Added paragraph at top per OP's request.

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