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Help please with R22 Governor Surge Issue

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Hello Friends. I have a question which is driving me bananas! I'm using P3dV4.2-64. I'm having a really-really hard time adjusting the engine rpms and manifold pressure with the governor engaged in the R22. It all goes very smoothly without (the governor) except that the rpm will eventually red-line, but as soon as I engage the governor, the engine rpm does stay in the green-zone, but surges up and down, and the manifold pressure goes crazy swinging up and down very visibly. I know this is an old issue, and I have tried many -many suggestions to edit the Governor lines within the air file - which seems to help a little. But has anyone found a working solution for this issue yet, I would really appreciate any help. Does Heliforce from our friend Simon from Dodosim address this issue? Thank you guys, much appreciated. marco 

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