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  1. Help please with RXP on fs9

    Thank you so much Bill. I will do as you say and search the forums. I hope JeanLuc gets back soon and everything is ok with him. A kind thank you. Mark
  2. Help please with RXP on fs9

    Hey Guys, anybody know what happened to JeanLuc please. I sent him 2 PMs but he hasn't replied, and time is of the essence. JeanLuc, can you please tell me if you got my PMs? Thank you so much. Mark
  3. Help please with RXP on fs9

    Thank you so much JeanLuc for your prompt reply. I just PMd you. Mark.
  4. Help please with RXP on fs9

    Thank you so much JeanLuc for your prompt reply. I just PMd you. Mark.
  5. Hello fellow Simmers!! Im having a real hard time getting the Reality XP gps to appear in my 2d cockpit. May I say what I have done so far please: I am using the emuteq 530 hardware GPS and it is already installed and recognized by windows. I can easily undock the 2d panel or anything else (other than the one I need) into it - in windowed mode of course. The hardware is also recognized and working in the windows game controller module. Note: the RXP software was just purchased a few days ago and also FSUIPC register and installed. 1) Win-7-64 Full Admin rights, all AV WinDef. UAC are disabled disabled 2) Install XPReality as Admin. Install goes ok and then I also installed the Trainer and no errors or issues noted. The Trainer is in the ProgramfilesX85 folder and I can open it on its own. I also see the rxp gps gauge in the fs9 gauges folder. 3) When I start the sim and the bell206 Heli (or anything else), and I right click "configure it" to activate the Gauge, I instruct it to install 2 pop-up windows both for the 530. (tried also 1 and different types) 4) the process installs successfully, and the aircraft refreshes and restarts. 5) In the top menu under "Cockpit views" I can now see the check-marks before the realityxp gauges, it shows "managed" for some reason (I do not know what that means). 6) when I check un-check these views, and/or use shift+7 (the window number allocated in panel.cfg), the screen flashes quickly - but no gauge nor window shows up. I really need to get this going asap, as I was hired by an outfit to refurbish their sim, and I have been stuck at this point for a week now. lol. I really appreciate any help please. Cordially, Mark
  6. Basement Flight Simulator - on CBC News

    Thank you Gary! You know I owe much of my (hobby) achievements to you. You have been a much appreciated guiding beacon to me.Thanks for that. Your buddy Marco.
  7. Basement Flight Simulator - on CBC News

    Hey everyone, Marco here, the dude with the basement 747 setup!! First thank you for all the nice comments and also the not so nice ones, but just to clarify things a bit. The idea of "how" I decided to build my sim was as follows. I have a very good buddy who built a super-meticulous 744 pit, and he spent years doing so, but once completed, there was nothing for him left to do - and now he is almost bored with it. There are times he says that he does not touch the sim for six months. I therefore decided to go another route. I wanted it to be a continuous work in progress, because to be totally honest, it is not so much the pilot\s life - nor the flying in itself that fascinates me, but the building process, the making it better and better as I go, that is what keeps me interested. And so, I do realize that to the purists out there many things in my sim are "not right" and that as Mr. Detroit says "my sim and flying skills are more looks than substance" but that is how I chose to grow, by making it better all the time, and by making my flying skills better all the time. Perhaps the biggest obstacle has been that having invested so much time and money in the fs9 platform, I am having a very hard time letting go of it, one because it looks gorgeous (highly modified) and I get very high frames rates, and one because neither P3D nor XPlane seem to really have what it takes to convince me to switch once and for all. Yes they look and feel a bit better, but not drastically better. I have installed XPlane 4 times and after only one hour I just uninstall it in frustration. P3D I have tried it 3 times and I soon after uninstalled it because the difference was not what I expected. The problem (if we want to call it so) is that my fs9 is far from stock, I have modified Orbx textures in it, together with REX, UT, custom water, meshes, trees, clouds and all, and of course 150+ custom airports, and therefore even P3D only gives me a 20% improvement at best, but only once I spend a few thousands of dollars on it. I am not an ostrich however, I do know that I will have to eventually change over, and I just recently installed the latest P3D and I am slowly building it up to a decent level, but I am honestly in no rush, my Fs9 looks pretty damn good as it is. And so I apologize if - with my flying skills and lack of proper procedures I have offended some of you purists out there, but to me a hobby is something you enjoy and gives you the freedom to do what you want - not to do it by the letter - otherwise I would have become a real pilot. Bottom line is - I love my sim and it gives me peace and it lowers my blood pressure lol!! hence I don't know what else I could ask for. I am glad for what I was able to achieve and afford - thank God for that! Peace and joy to all fellow simmers. Marco Governali. :smile: