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Feelthere Legacy questions

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While I'm waiting for my forum access over at the Feelthere forums, I figured I'd toss out a few of quick questions about the Legacy.1. I think I've worked through the FMC programming section of the manual well enough, and I know how to enter a flightplan and all the INIT REF stuff, I work through all five pages and hit "CONFIRM INIT". But I'm noticing that the CLIMB, CRUISE, and DESCENT pages under PERF DATA all show up with "NOT INITIALIZED" on them, and the PROG page doesn't show anything in the data fields. Any idea what I might be missing? This thing is REALLY different from the Boeing FMCs (PMDG or LDS or 737PIC) that I'm used to.2. Fuel transfer. The manual section on it didn't explain it too well for me. I know I set the switch to FUS 1 for the left tanks or FUS 2 for the right tanks, but do I need to match the "A/B" pushbutton for the FUS system to use the same fuel pump (A, B, C) as the wing tank I'm transferring to?I do have SP 1 installed, by the way. Thanks!Lewis "Moose" GregoryRichmond, Virginia

Lewis "Moose" Gregory

Durham, North Carolina

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