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  1. Hi all, got a strange issue with my new RXP GNS 530/430 v2 units. I just purchased them today and have installed them on my new system. I have a number of airplanes from Carenado, Milviz, etc. that have options in their installers, or extra .exe files, to allow the use of RXP gauges, I guess they replace the .mdl files in the VC with GNS 530 and/or 430 bezels. So I went into my Milviz Beaver and selected the RXP 530/430 option in MVAMS. Fired P3D v4.5 up, selected the Beaver, and I see the bezels, but the 530 screen is black and the 430 screen is gray, and they don't have any clickspots. So I went into Add-Ons/Reality XP and configured the 530 and 430 in P3D while sitting in the Beaver, then exited the sim, rebooted, and went back into P3D. The Beaver still does not have the gauges functioning in the VC, though now I have a working pop-up 530 and 430 (which I can't figure out how to close, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it). Same thing with some of my older Carenado aircraft that have "RXPGNS530.exe" files or similar in their Aircraft folders. I can run those to install the bezels in the VC, but I cannot get the GNS unit(s) to actually work in the VC. Does anybody have any idea what I might have missed? I feel like I must have made a small mistake along the installation somewhere, but the F1 installers are usually pretty word not allowed-proof. So I'm not sure why none of my VCs that are supposed to natively support the RXP GNS units, won't do it. Thanks!
  2. I fixed this issue with nVidia Inspector not forcing anti-aliasing in FSX after a few weeks of off-and-on messing with it. Know all I had to do?Disable DX10 preview in FSX. That's it. I never thought to mess with that setting, until I had to disable it to get texturing to show up on the PIC 737 I'd just reinstalled. When I disabled DX10 preview, voila, instant anti-aliasing. Go figure, huh? I guess I missed that somewhere along the line.
  3. BTW, Ryan, I've tried through nVidia Control Panel with the 266.xx drivers as well; there is an "Override" setting in there, and while they don't list 8xS or 8xSQ as an option, they did list 8xQ. So I tried going through that, and it still didn't make any difference. Jaggies everywhere. I can't really tell if the 16x AF setting is doing anything or not.What's really weird? FS2004 works perfectly. I've got it going with 8xSQ through Inspector and it's doing great, and have also tried 16xS. If I try either one through Inspector with FSX, it doesn't work. It's like it can't "see" that fsx.exe is running or something. Weird.
  4. Well, I tried cleaning out the drivers and upgrading to the latest 266.whatever from last week. I tried a couple different AA settings in Inspector (8xS, 8xSQ, 16xS). I rebooted. Nothing has worked. I duplicated the settings from this thread and when I run FSX, I get no AA. If I turn AA on inside FS, it looks great. If I turn it off inside FS, the drivers don't seem to be overriding FS's selection of "no AA thanks." Don't know if it's a Windows 7 thing (I just installed it so I'm still learning how it's different from Vista) or a permissions thing or what it is. But it's very odd, since Inspector is so simple to use, that I can't get it to work. I'll keep hammering away at it.
  5. I'll give that a shot then, thanks. It's a two-week-old completely clean install of Windows 7 x64 so I haven't had any previous driver versions on it except for whatever W7 installed by default, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of registries.
  6. Hi, a question on this...I've got the latest nVidia Inspector, using these settings, and the 260.99 drivers with a GTS 450 1GB, running with FSX w/Acceleration, and I'm not seeing any AA or AF at all when I run (in windowed mode 1680x1050). I have the internal FSX AA turned off and filtering set to Trilinear. Does nVidia Inspector have to keep running in the background while FSX is active, like nHancer did, or are the profile changes permanent and "sticky" so they only have to be made once?
  7. Thanks Dave! Very interesting stuff.I did figure out my problem...first, I was attempting to use the prop pitch keys to adjust the prop RPM rather than just using the clickspots on the throttle. Then when I did start to use the clickspots, I pushed the levers all the way forward to the "AIR START" position, rather than to the "RUN" position. I did a flight with them in the "RUN" position and everything looked fine, good prop animation, and takeoff power seemed just great. So now I know, just set it and forget it!I just wish they'd put the ground idle speed controls on a popup window, and not exclusively in the VC (same with the interior light controls)--or are they, and I just missed it?Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  8. Hey all...I've been messing around with my Captain Sim C-130, and have a question about the condition levers. If I click the condition levers forward to "run" as the manual (and tutorials I've found) state, the prop RPM just goes to 100% once I put any throttle on it, and stays there, so there's no rotating prop animation. Is this the normal setting for the C-130, just to leave the prop RPM at 100% through all parts of a flight?Also, does anyone have any ideas about typical power settings (ITT, fuel flow, etc.) for climb and cruise? Thanks.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  9. >Hi,>>See if your Internet Explorer is set to Work Offline. That is>under the File menu. It should not be.That fixed it, Jim! Wow, I would've never thought of that, since I use Firefox 99.5% of the time and only ever use IE for a work website that requires it. Thank you!Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  10. >Hi Lewis,>>I just checked and both servers are up and running. Could it>be your firewall or anti-virus blocking things?Well, this gets weirder. Not only can I not connect to HiFi still after several reboots (with firewall + anti-virus + spyware checker enabled or disabled), I also can't use the Flight 1 wrapper to install some new software I bought (Eaglesoft's Citation II Expansion Pack). It just gets to "connecting to Internet" and exits. But all my other Web stuff--surfing, email, online games--is working fine. Very strange.Thanks for checking the servers, Jim. I've got some debugging to do on this end.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  11. Still can't connect after a reboot. This is most odd. I'll keep trying.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  12. >Hi Lewis,>>I just checked and both servers are up and running. Could it>be your firewall or anti-virus blocking things?>>Thanks,>JimWell, I haven't run it in a few days, but everything else Internet-related is working just fine, and I haven't recently updated AS6 so ZoneAlarm shouldn't flag it (and it isn't). Maybe it's some sort of glitch with my ISP or something between here and HiFi. I just tried it again and it won't connect, regardless of the primary/secondary force settings. I'll try rebooting to force an anti-virus update and diddle with some things on my end. Thanks Jim!Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  13. 9:00 EST on Sunday 13 January, and my AS6 can't connect to either of the HiFi weather servers. Doesn't matter whether "Force Primary" or "Force Secondary" are checked or unchecked, AS6 just sits at "Connecting to HiFi DataNet" forever. Probably just a momentary glitch, but I thought I'd post on it anyway. :)Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  14. Thanks, problem solved!Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  15. I see that the Wilco A330/A340 package has been upgraded from version 1b to version 1c. Does anyone know what the changes between the versions were?Also, an odd problem--I'm curious if anyone else has had a sound problem with the Edelweiss Air A330-200 Rolls-powered repaint that comes off the Wilco website. It doesn't have any engine sound, but the A332 repaints (NWA, AFR) and A343 repaints (AFR) I've downloaded all work fine.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  16. >Or, with the help of the inexpensive Friendly Panel>Instrument and GPS Pack, you cab get much better functionality>by installing upgraded avionic radios....well worth it in my>opinion....(yea, I put some RXP stuff in there too)>>http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/180477.jpg>>;)>Brian, are you going to make that panel.cfg available somewhere? I'd LOVE to do that mod on mine, except putting the RXP GNS 530 in there in place of the Simflyers one. But I have the rest of the stuff in your picture--the RXP FLT/FLN, and the Friendly Panels radios (which, IMO, are one of the most underrated inexpensive addons out there). I know the night-lighting won't work correctly with the landing lights on, but for that functionality, I don't care! :)Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  17. It's acting like it's down for me right now, can't even connect.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  18. >Hi,>I know there is are the following available:>>Feelthere/Wilco CRJ-200>Feelthere/Wilco Embraer 145>Aerosoft BAE146 Avro >>Which of these regional jets do you recommend? Are there any>ones out that I am missing (both payware, and freeware)>>thanks!I'm actually a fan of Feelthere/Wilco's Legacy. Yeah, it's not exactly a regional jet, but with the right paint job, you can fake yourself into thinking it's an ERJ-135. :) The Legacy is based off their ERJ-145, with some improvements, and one of the better payware jetliner VCs out there.I also have the FT/Wilco CRJ-200 and really don't like it so much. It's a frame hog on my older system, the VC is unusable due to very slow gauge refresh, and something about the way it flies makes it hard for me, although that's probably 99.44% pilot error, and not the plane.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  19. First VERY quick impressions.Exterior model: Typical Carenado, which is to say, outstanding. Three different paint jobs + a blank "white" paint. Fantastic detail including radio antennas, step up into the cabin, pitot/static, clear covers + light bulbs at the wingtips, "powered by Lycoming" stickers on the cowling. It's as good as anything you'll ever see.Cockpit: Again, typical Carenado--obviously modeling a well-used aircraft that's given its owners a lot of pleasure. A lot of the gauges--altimeter/VSI, VOR and ADF heads, and all the radios, transponder, and autopilot--are recycled from earlier Carenado models, or at least look like it. The 2D panel has the same set of mini-icons up at the upper left of the screen as the C182/C206 do. The avionics fit is normal--dual NAV/COM, ADF, transponder, KAP 140 autopilot. It differs from the Cessnas in that the FS2004 default GPS 530 is actually in the VC panel.The VC is good. The refresh rate is fine, and most gauges can be zoomed by clicking on them. The interior detail and texturing is top-notch, and you can even zoom in while looking at the wings and see the fuel gauges in the wing panels (which work). Framerates are good on my craptacular old Athlon XP.Sounds: Nice. They're not the same recycled engine sounds from the 182s, they're different. I don't know what a Mooney sounds like, though.Handling: I'm not a pilot, so I can't speak as to how accurate the modeling is. All I can say is that it "feels" good, with a reasonable "feel" of inertia and mass for the size of the airplane. As somebody upthread stated, it's a non-turbo airplane. In a bit of messing around with it, at the default payload (396 lb) and full fuel, a cruise of 23" MAP/2300 RPM gets about 130 knots IAS at 6500 feet. So it's not exactly a turbo Mooney speed demon, but it's a respectable cruiser.All in all, IMO it's yet another classic Carenado product...an older plane, without state-of-the-art avionics, but painstakingly detailed, visually great, and well-modeled all around.EDIT: The only thing so far that I don't like is that the panel lighting in the VC works exactly the same way as it does for their 182s. Turning on the panel lights gives everything a red glow. You have to turn on the landing light to actually light up the gauge faces.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  20. Yep, I've bought it and am downloading it as I type this! No FSX version up yet.
  21. I don't know what YSSY looked like in earlier versions of VOZ, but the 1.4 version has the famous control tower with the spiral around the outside, and custom terminals and other buildings. I did a five-minute spin around Sydney and was awestruck at the realism. The central business district is very detailed, the Harbor Bridge and Opera House are there, there's boat traffic in the harbor, it's amazing.You use an app called the "VOZswitcher" to swap VOZ texture sets in or out. There are four different sets corresponding to four different geographical areas in Australia, and you can only load one at a time prior to running FS. You also use the VOZswitcher to "unVOZ" and restore your normal textures, which are backed up when you switch from the defaults to any of the VOZ textures. It seems fairly idiotproof (I hadn't broken any textures with VOZ 1.21, 1.4 shouldn't be any different).Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  22. Oh good, thanks!Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  23. I use the great freeware Delco Carousel IV-A (popularly known as the "CIVA") INS gauge in several of my planes, including my Dreamfleet 727. Today, when I finally got some time to fly after several months of inactivity, I found that when I cranked up my two-CIVA installation in my DF 727, unit #1 continually flashed an 08-69 error code at me. The book says that this means the unit is "expired"--and sure enough, the history file for the only version of the gauge I can find, 1.40, says it "expires" on 1 January 2007. I've checked the CIVA site itself (http://www.simufly.com/ins) and flightsim.com, and both still have 1.40 up for download. Is there a newer version of this gauge around anywhere, or at least a way to get around the 08-69 error?Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
  24. Well, on my weak system, I get much HIGHER framerates with Flytampa TNCM than I did with Delblond's freeware version. That scenery really tore up my framerates for some reason. Darn if I know how FT did it, but TNCM gives me the best frames of ANY payware airport scenery I've got (including FT KBOS and Cloud9's KCLT) without sacrificing any of the detail you see in people's screenshots. It's simply amazing.Lewis "Moose" GregoryDurham, North Carolina
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