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  1. At AIG's forums there are updated models for the OSP ATRs that make them compatible with v4.
  2. Ok, didn't think about that. I will try that and see how it turns out. Will let you know if this solves the issue. Thanks guys. It does, but it's still way better than what others have to offer. 🙂
  3. Hi Guys, now that P3D has 64bit support, I have finally made the jump from good old FS9 to the new platform. After playing around a bit I have started to insert AI Traffic into it. Everything works well, except for some AI models behaving strange: When approaching their destination airport, the aircraft descent to about 2000-2500ft, but instead of aligning with the active runway for landing, the planes just keep their altitude and just overfly the airport. When they pass it, they just keep flying until they disappear due to exiting the AI display radius. This does not happen to all models, I have just watched this with the following models: OSP's ATRs, FSP's B788,789 and A350 as well as TFS's Dash 8. all other models are working just fine. I'm courious now if this is a known problem that more people are facing and if there is a solution for this? All models used are either P3D v4 native or the updated models that are fully compatible with P3D v4. Does anyone have an idea what this might cause and if there is a way around it? Thanks and Cheers Mike
  4. Hi, hm, that's too bad, but I was also expecting that answer. I just searched the AIG forums and it seems that the release of updated AI models (at least converted from Fs9 to FSX, but better than nothing) is slowly ramping up. But for now I think I will stick with FS9 just a little bit longer since I am a real traffic ###### and I do not want to miss that massive AI traffic. cheers Mike
  5. Hi there, I have just recently switched from good old FS9 to P3D and am currently in the process of rebuilding sceneries, traffic and so on. After installing the first small airline for testing purposes - Condor Flugdienst GmbH - it turned out that everything appears to worl just fine. Except for one thing: The B757-300w is turning invisible as soon as it activates its' landing lights before take off or when getting below 10.000 feet. There are just the lights visible and the little traffic label (that little text above the plane showing what it is, how far away, etc). When the plane climbs above 10000 it turns visible again. so it clearly has something to do with the landing lights. But a search in the net regarding this did not end up successful. So my question is: Is there any solution to get rid of that? I know that the AIG model is not FSX native, so it might be a problem with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers from Germany Mike
  6. No, I didn't mean that. I am modifying and creating AFCAD files for many years now and that is absolutely not the problem. What I am talking about is modifying and creating buildings etc. I am looking for a tool that decompiles BGL files in APT format readable by FS Scenery Creator.
  7. Hi Folks,first of all, I have to say that I am a bloody beginner in creating scenery for myself. The question: Is there any program that decompiles BGL files into .apt format, so that I can open them in FSSC? BGLAnalyze only decompiles them into SCASM format. Could anyone help please?mixen82
  8. Hello everybody!I'm searching for a taxiway chart for EDDM. Does anyone know where I can find one? I searched the net but I didn't find anything usable. I need it for creating a new AFCAD file for this airport.mixen82
  9. YEAH, IT WORKS!!!!! Thank you very much. Why I didn't recognize it by myself? But what cofuses me is that it worked under same conditions before the reinstallation of the operating system. Could it be that it is that way because I have deactivated the OS service that is responsible for the language recognition in order to improve system performance by deactivating all unnecessary services? I will give it a try reactivating this particular service.But for now I just can say Thanks.mixen82:-beerchug
  10. Hello fellow simmers.I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM!!My ExcludeBuilder worked just fine until i had to reinstall my Operating System 2 weeks ago. Since then ExcludeBuilder does not compile any excludes. Whenever I try it it comes up with this message:Error C2344: LatutudeMinimum must be LESS than LatitudeMaximumError C2031: Failed element parse Error C2032: XML parse Error! Element tree follows:Error: Error: Error:Error: Compilation Errors detected, compilation failed!Parse complete!In the meantime I re-downloaded ExcludeBuilder as well as all required dlls, the bglcomp.exe, MSXML, and even fsuipc.dll several times. But it still doesn't work at all. And I am adjusting the plane to a northerly direction when grabbing the coordinates just as required by ExcludeBuilder. I do not understand why it is not working. Can anyone help, PLEASE!!!P.S.: Here is a schreenshot of the original error message I receive everytime I try.In this case it is KATL.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183941.jpgThank you very much.mixen82
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