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  1. Jean-Luc, nope no changes at all. I only re-installed with the extracted exe-file which of course wasn't the right procedure. I'll try it the proper way! 😄 Merry Christmas! /Krister
  2. I searched to forum but wouldn't fint anything so apologies if it has been covered already. I bought the RXP GTN 750 on the 7th December and got it installed. While I couldn't get it to install properly into the aircrafts using the provided tool, I still could use it via the pop-up configuration. Now I noticed that when I start the gauge it says "invalid license". The gps seems to work properly so it doesn't cause me any problems as far as I can tell, but still I'dr rather see it removed! 😄 I tried uninstalling from the control panel in windows 10 and re-installing but it still says the same. Any pointers? Best regards and Merry Christmas! /Krister, Finland
  3. Yeah, searching too. I have emailed them but at least my previous experience is that they either don't respond at all or take a few months.
  4. Sorry for jumping in like this, but I am looking at buying the Carenado 340 and noticed they have provded an easy integration of the F1 GTN750. Somewhere in the back off my head I remember reading that RXP provides a way of having their GTN760 on an iPad but I never quite understood how it worked. So, my question is how easy is it to get the RXP GTN750 into the VC of the Carenado 340 and does the iPad solution actually exist or am I dreaming?!
  5. Bob, I would say it's the wrong approach to plan and start a flight and then be disappointed that there is no ATC coverage on VATSIM. What I do is either find a FIR that has a fly-in or look on a map that shows ATC coverage on VATSIM and then pick a flight based on that. When I started flying on SATCO it opened up a whole new dimension to flightsimming!
  6. Personally I had absolutely no idea what to expect since it was quite clear it was not an airplane. I do remember that mysterious ACARS entry in the 747 menu in FSX that then just disappeared, and wasn't that like ...hmm ten years ago?! But will definitely get this one.
  7. Edit: indeed, what Carlos wrote worked. Had I realized that I woulld have paid 93,74 euros instead of 119,95 euros. Oh well..
  8. Thanks Mark! We had the Dynamic at the flight school so it certainly sounds interesting. P3D v4 isn't mentioned though on their website!
  9. Thanks for the info regarding Ant's Airplanes - never knew such developer existed. Especially the Eaglet interests me since the Rotax 912 is what I fly!
  10. Some of them are from MSFS2002 originally but they are better than nothing! :D I did a personal tour with the station manager at EFMA taking pictures of all the equipment and buildings that Bamce then used for his scenery. FISD was extremely productive back then!
  11. Don't know what it means in actual terms: "Works well in P3d v4 with FTX Global/Vector" http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/108688-New-freeware-Finland-scenery
  12. Mikael, you don't happen to have some screenshots to show in case you have the scenery installed? My 300 euros worth of G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3600 Mhz RAM sticks decided that 7 months of very rare use was enough so they throw in the towel...
  13. Thanks for posting that Ryan! "Finland base pack actually includes HD area of Aland and archipelago close by (west of Turku towards Marienhamn)." got me really thrilled since Aland is I where I live and fly IRL.
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