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Smooth transitions and panning only when CP windows has focus

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Hi Keven and all,

have recently left FSXSE for P3D, a move which was combined with getting a new PC (8700k, 1080Ti, 32Gb, Win10 home). 

Installed CP (all my settings were transferred from the cloud)  and made the necessary exclusion on firewall as well as deleted the duplicate button assignments for panning in P3D (normal mode and slew/observer mode). 

Currently (last week) using CP with A2A C182 and PMDG 744 (just installed) and I noticed serious stuttering in camera transition and panning.

Disabled game mode as per some relevant forum posts, i have not however tried any affinity mask settings, have not concluded to the proper way to find my values.

I have tried single or dual monitor setups in different resolutions and frequencies however none of the above approaches solved the problem. 

I just noticed however that if the CP window has the focus (as in task switch), panning is fine and so are the camera transitions when i mouse click on the presets. When P3D has the focus and i use the assigned buttons or pan with the hat switch then i am greeted again with heavy stuttering and jumps in movement. The same is true for the Cinematic movements as well.

I uninstalled CP and tried the same planes and there are no stutters or jumps in panning,  however I have reached the point where CP is mandatory for me to properly enjoy the sim and the specific planes.

Any and all ideas are welcome, I hope I am missing an obvious setting/choice somewhere.

CP v0.4.217 Exp, P3d 4.3, latest nvidia 398.36




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