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Hi, I’m planning on building my own home cockpit. My plan is to have 5 screens, 4 of them goes to the windows, and the last one goes for the navigation display and the other thing I don’t remember the name of to the left. I am also planning on getting instrument panels, saitek flight multi panel is one of them. Does anyone know if you can auto land with this? I think it’s designed for Cessnas, but I think it can be a cheap alternative to goflight mcp. My plan is to make a cockpit for Pmdg b737-800 btw. I can get a saitek radio panel, easy. But the real deal comes now, where am I going to type in my squawk code for example and how am I gonna click the warning lights that pops up on the display in front of you? Also, the real question is where am I going to find a functional and cheap overhead panel, and does anyone even sell these overhead panels? I’m only 14 y/o and as most of you may know, you do not have that much money when you are 14. The only way for me to get money is birthdays, Christmas and maybe a few jobs with my grandpa and grandmas garden. But still, I am never going to get that much money. So here is my questions rounded up: Can you auto land with the saitek multi panel, and can you get a functional home cockpit for cheap?



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