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FSX(Steam) DX10 Light Bloom sun issue

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Hello there Avsim/Scenery Fixer Forum. Initially I posted straight to Avsim, and was directed here to try to find some help. Hope someone can shed some light on this frustrating glitch.

Now onto my issue. I get this what I'm assuming is a weird glitch. Even with the DX10 Scenery Fixer installed(v3.4) it happens. The sun textures seem to either be missing or not register or whatever you wanna call it, only when I'm in DX10 and enable Light bloom from FSX options. The sun seems to loose it's rays, or corona and looks plain bad. If I turn light bloom off, the sun looks like it's supposed to, but obviously I loose the bloom effect. In DX9 the problem doesn't exist. I like the bloom effect so I would be very grateful if anyone has encountered this issue and knows a work around. I have tried Googling on this topic, but there isn't a whole lot out there on it. Also, I think it only happens with texture add-ons(like X Graphics, or Nick's Sun tweak mod). Have not tried REX yet and from what I've heard REX uses textures that are DX10 compatible. The sun texture I'm using in the screen shots is from an older texture add-on from HiFi(X Graphics) which I think looks great. The vanilla FSX sun does not seem to be affected by this issue.

DX10 Light Bloom ON



DX10 Light Bloom OFF


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