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FSTramp Autopilot

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Hi all,


Just recently made the switch to P3D, and am loving it. Not only is the interface more accessible to blind pilots, but its more smoother on my 64-bit machine as well.


Since Its your Plane is gone, RIP, I now use FSX pilot. Because I've done almost everything with simming that there is possibly to do offline, I'd like to try my hand at Vatsim.


I've heard that FSTramp can handle flying a flightplan from takeoff to landing. Great, but for the Vatsim sticklers who want the Cids and Stars flown exactly as filed, can it do this?


I'd input speeds/alts manually, however most charts are inaccessible for me to get that information.


The Fly to Here thing basically does what FSX Pilot does, so useful but I've already have that feature. It seems to just fly direct without using waypoints. People love the navmap, but apart from OCRing and seeing text of the map, such as direction and location of AI aircraft, and not even all of them, its not as useful as an autopilot that is touted to fly realistically and "unmatched" in approaches.


Speaking of approaches, does FSTramp touch down on the runway, or do I still need FSX Pilot to help with a complete landing?


Of course, I could always tell Vatsim controller that I'm just going to ignore Cids and Stars, or I can fly them but can't get alt/speed restrictions if any.



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