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Make 50North winglights visible on wingview

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Guest ThrottleUp

Before I go on I want to say that I owe this great little idea to John who told me in the screenshot forum that its easy to tweak a winglight .fx file to make it visible on a wingview. Cheers mate! I got it :)---------------------------->>This will be old hat to the gurus but for the newbies and everyone else....read on :)To those of you who have the 50North Classic 737s - you know by now that the wingtip strobe, navigation & position lights do not appear on the planes wingviews when they are switched on. To make them appear do the following:*Note that ( ) = square brackets*You will be adding some lines to the following .fx files. Back them up first:fx_navred.fxfx_navgre fx_navwhifx_strobeh1. Open Notepad2. Open your Flight Simulator 2004Effects folder & arrange by name.3. Drag one of the .fx files mentioned above into Notepad4. Look under the (Properties) header5. Replace it with this:(Properties)Cockpit=1VirtualCockpit=1Spot=1Tower=1Map=16. Save the .fx fileDo the same for the remaining .fx files. FS9 will not show the results of these adjustments if it is running. It also will not show them if you do a reload. You must exit the sim completely and then start it again. Now you will see the pretty wingtip lights from your wingviews :)

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