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I just installed Nielson Shipping and I used Erik's fix for the wakes that rise thousands of feet into the sky but still had some ships that exhibited that unwanted feature.

This is tedious if you are going to install all the ships for world-wide coverage but it works, although while you get the bow wakes you lose the long stern wakes.  The trade-off is acceptable for me.  Someone might have a better idea.

I went through all the fx files opening them up and using edit/replace replaced all the Temp with //Temp.  

There are a boatload of boats (no pun intended) and I didn't want to clutter up the Simobjects/Boats folder any more than it it already is with all the RTMM boats and ships so I placed the Nielson ships in a folder named Nielson_Boats and placed that folder in Simobjects.

Then go to ProgramData/Lockheed Martin/P3Dv4/simobjects.cfg and make the following entry:

[Entry.nn] (nn being the next number in sequence)





Likewise instead of cluttering the World/Scenery folder with all the traffic files I put them in a folder named Nielson_Traffic/scenery and placed it in the Addon Scenery folder and added it to the World/Scenery Library inside the sim.

I checked for Nielson ship traffic in San Francisco where one of the boats was coming in under the Golden Gate Bridge and then went to Seattle and found a half dozen ships moving in Puget Sound.

I have my ship traffic set to 75%.

I didn't think of this myself.  I got the idea from an article right here on Avsim (I think) of putting the MyTraffic aircraft into a folder and adding it to the simobjects.cfg file. I also read about disabling the Temp entries in the FX files on the Return to Misty Moorings website, although they specify a specific Temp entry I just deleted them all.


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