Why do we have ATC?

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Angels on the ground......


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Ole Reagan figured we were fallen angels and let his hatcet swing.

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7 minutes ago, PATCO LCH said:

Ole Reagan figured we were fallen angels and let his hatcet swing.

That was the worst thing for ATC, although the strike did endanger lives and something had to be done.  Strikes in mission critical sectors are a form of terrorism, simply put.  There are other ways to fight for higher wages, forming a lobby for instance.  I was on the fence about what Reagan did, still am, and do not know whether it was a legal act or not.  Presidential power is hard to guess at some times, but it is there, for better or worse.  Checks and balances in that case did not stop the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers. 

My father was a government worker for a long time, and had to fight for his raises.  Eventually he transferred as a civilian worker for the Navy's nuclear arm to the nuclear regulatory commission, gaining his higher wages that way.  The government worked him hard, like me he was a road warrior for the Navy and NRC, traveling much of the year and not home very often.  Sometimes my father and I would leave on business trips the same day, and our airliners would literally cross paths in the sky depending on whether I was leaving and he was coming home.  We always laughed about it together, the way our travel coincided, although we were never sent to the same place, since I worked in the civilian hotel sector, not for the government. 

My father's claim to fame--he wrote the safety regulations for the navy and civilian nuclear power industry and nuclear medical systems.  He was brought aboard the NRC to revamp the nuclear safety regs after Three Mile Island and he was almost sent to Chernobyl to help there, but there were political and other issues, including security issues that prevented his helping the Soviet government.  My entire family had to be cleared by the FBI due to the sensitive information kept in our home, since my father did his reports at home with my training him how to use an Atari computer and desktop publishing software. 

Not that I understood any of the nuclear stuff, I understand about as much as anyone who can watch a youtube video on the subject.  We had dosimeters and a Geiger counter in our home, handy in case my father was overexposed to radiation, which a simple shower could fix.  Sometimes we all had to take showers at his request.  His work sadly is why he passed on, two years after his retirement he came down with cancer, ten years later, my mother too and I am at high risk for it but I just try to put it in the back of my mind.  I still feel the government owes my family much, and I had to go out on disability ten years early due to problems with my pancreas and early signs of pancreatic cancer.


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