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Another p3d won't start thread (fixed!)

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Just like the title says!  v4.3. Worked fine last night. The only change today is that I bought and installed the Vertx DA-62.

I've done some basic troubleshooting. I deleted dll.xml & exe.xml, and also changed the name of the folder the DA-62 is in so the sim wouldn't be able to find it, but no joy. I get the splash screen, then the loading progress bar (scenery/etc), and after that disappears, nothing. No icon on the taskbar, but prepar3d.exe and SimObject Display Engine for FSX/P3D (32 bit) show up in the task manager. Prepar3d.exe shows activity, that changes - the processor use bounces between 0.3 and 0.7%, so it looks like it's trying to do something, but even if I let it run for 15+ minutes I don't get the flight selection screen.

Other addons: Orbx Global/Vector/Open LC NA, Flightbeam KMSP and KDEN, and ActiveSky (not currently running), FSUIPC, SODE.

I'm not convinced it's the Vertx plane's fault because so many other people have successfully installed it, but that's the only thing that's changed unless something updated itself when I wasn't looking.

What should my next steps be? Thanks!


(edit) Stumbled on the fix. Saw the FSUIPC logs, which had about 300 entries of "   38469 Exception 3 "UNRECOGNIZED_ID", Ref 32, Index param 3 on read AddData for "GROUND ALTITUDE"" when trying to load the PMDG 737, which was the last plane I'd flown. Re-installed FSUIPC and the sim loaded. Mods, feel free to either delete this or leave it up as a solution if anyone else runs into this.

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