Radar Contact in FSX

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I'm a new user of RC (hope) and have some questions about the installation.
YES, I have read the manual..

I use 1PC with Win7 and FSX (with FSUIPC) and a notebook with FSCommander, connected over LAN and WideFS installed.
1 Question: Where should RC be installed? because in Manual (P32) I have read:

NOTE: If you are running RC on a WideFS configured machine, please read:
The file Makerwys.exe should be located in the main Flight Simulator folder. Run
it and it creates a file r4.csv in the main Flight Simulator folder that contains the runway
information which RC needs for all the active sceneries in your scenery.cfg file.
Now run RC on the WideFS machine.

I have RC installed on PC with FSX.

2. Question:
I start FSX and RC and then a small windows occurs, titled 'Radar Contact', as described
in manual. But in the main menu there is no   ADV Display option.

Thanks for any help





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Ignore the references to WideFS if you intend to run RC4 on the same PC as FSX. I suggest you install to C:\RC4.

However as you have WideFS then you might consider installing to your laptop instead. It depends on how much room you have on it to display a window that shows the RC menu. You can download a free program from Pete Dowson’s forum called Show Text which displays the menu.


It’s a bit more complicated running over WideFS but has the advantage of separate volume and no clutter on your main FSX display.

Come back if you need any help on a WideFS setup.

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Hi Ray,

Thank you for this very fast answer.

I will try it. Only one question:   I have installed FSX on PC in a separat drive: FSX under I:\ and RC4 under FSX

See here:

drive for FSX



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That's fine. RC is not fussy where you install it. I would avoid Program Files and within the FSX structure. That looks fine if you want to run it on the same PC as FSX.

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After new installation on the same drive as FSX, RC was started in running fsx. But the window RC seems to be not active, and at the end of the flight, a messager occured:   run-time error '70' RadarContact.fsuipc.rc4code

I then searched for 'RadarContact.fsuipc.rc4code'  and found the solution:

Make a shortcut to Rcv4.exe. Right click on that shortcut. Click properties. Enable Run As Admin on this first screen. Now click Advanced. On this second screen click this second Run As  Admin as well (it's different). Click OK to return to the first screen. Now click Apply to save these changes and then OK to close the properties window.

I wrote this sentences for other user with the same problem!

Now it seems to be solved and during the next flight, it sounds very good!!!!

Thanks a lot for your help and patience





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